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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hi! My name is Jan.. (Hi Jan!)..

Dang informercials!
Anyone who knows me in the slightest,
knows that I can't pass up on
an informercial product.
I really do need Informercial Anonymous
because I'm addicted to the products..
I have a Schticky!
I have some Perfect Portions bowls..
I have..  Well..  I have several
products from the,
"As seen on TV" era.

Some of these products work, eh..  Ok..
Some of these products work great!
Now?  Now I found one that I
will keep for quite some time to come.

One of my co-workers mentioned
that she had an Air Fryer that made some
really great things.  Chicken Wings!
I loooove chicken wings!
Crispy French Fries!
I loooove crispy French fries!

One day..
While relaxing in front of the tv..
I happened to run onto the
Power XL Air Fryer
That's all it took.
It makes Bloomin' Onions!
I loooove Bloomin Onions!
And it cuts them from 1950 calories
down to 380.  Can't beat that.
It makes empanadas!
Oooooh..  I could eat empanadas
for days!!
It makes Stomboli.
I could definitely try some of that!
It makes Mozzarella Sticks!
I loooove those!
Ooooh the possibilities are
endless for what you can make
in one of these little air fryer doo dads..

Yeah.  My hubs will undoubtedly
roll his eyes and fuss about yet,
"another kitchen gadget".
The money that it will save us from
having to eat out at restaurants because
it's easier to do that than cook
paid for this alone.
The cost of gas, having to drive
any where in our town (which is pretty big),
fight traffic, fight crowds,
wait for food to be delivered,
and tipping like we've got a lot to spend
(I generally try to tip at least $5 each time)?
All taken care of in one neat
little package.
And cleaning up?
Pfft!  Easy Peasy!
Any one that knows me in the slightest,
knows that I am allll for the Easy Peasy
stuff as well.  It's got a non-stick
basket that has not only not stuck
to anything (including cheese),
but it's been a cinch to clean!

I cooked Toasted Ravioli because,
well, I looooove Toasted Ravioli..
I cooked bacon for BLT's last night to go
with some delicious locally grown tomatoes..
And I cooked some Sweet Potato
Tator Tots because, well..
Everyone that knows me in the slightest,
knows just how much I
loooooooooooooooove Sweet Potatoes.
I also made some Crab Rangoon,
guess what?  Another fave!
And finally..

I made these.
Ooooh my.
What are those?
Those are Spring Roll Cheeseburger Wraps..
Those are sooooo delicious!

I'm telling you.
I may never have to eat at a restaurant ever again..
Easy peasy!  Good but not greasy!

Here's the link to the Power XL Air Fryer

Right now they are running a great deal,
buy one Fryer, get another for half price,
plus free shipping and $100 in
grocery coupons.  Now that's a heck of a deal!