Just a few rambling thoughts and crafts from a mind that is full of both. I am talented in my mind but regularly run full throttle into the wall of procrastination. I have raised procrastination to an art form. A friend once told me I have a BS in BS and a minor in excuse making. If there is anyway to get out of doing my best, I will do my best to get out of it. Welcome to my saburban life. : ).. Lol.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whut?! Get Outta Town! : )..

Toasted Marshmallow Strawberries?
Heck yes!!
Count me in and in and in again.
Pinterest..  Is..  Awesome..
: )..

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whew.. Back for a bit..

Been draggin a bit from working at 4am.
Hopefully, that is all coming to an end soon,
and that I will be able to move into
a quasi-normal early as possible afternoon shift instead.
Fingers crossed.
Still haven't gotten the pool.
Dogs are still barking.
Cat is still meowing.
Work is still the same.
The weather is super nice outside right now,
there is a cool breeze blowing around.
The yard needs to be mowed again.
Milo got another basketball to play with at 2:30pm
and has already ripped the cover completely off.
Lol.  Life has moved along fairly fast
this last month.
Yesterday was a little crazy around town.
Oookay.. Its officially, "Has your cheese slid off your cracker?"
 day on I-435. Right before the Front Street exit ramp, we have
Contestant #1 who is shirtless, sitting in a white plastic chair,
drinking out of a can, talking to himself. The next exit, right
after the on ramp from 24 Hwy, we have Contestant # 2, weighing
in close behind, also shirtless, driving a riding lawnmower along
the guardrail, and finally, last but not least.. We have Contestant # 3
off the next exit (aka Truman Road), a Werner semi truck driver who
is sitting still in the go straight ahead lane, waiting ever so patiently for
a left hand turn signal that will probably never trip because unless
someone honks or moves forward in the blocked left turn lane that
currently is being occupado by a broken down box truck, it aint never
gunna happen. There are at least five vehicles, patiently lined up with
their blinkers on, who are Contestants # 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Who will
win the booby prize? Vote now! Lines are open. Will the real cheese
cracker please stand up? Please stand up?
Alrighty.  Time for some more breezes and outside time with the pups.
Until next time..   : )..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I will have a pool.

 It will happen.
Don't care how.
Don't care if someone else cares.
The time has come.
It will be done.
Wanted this..
On the back deck.
Just enough for me to relax and cool down..
Our friends have had this on their deck for years without problems..
 "We will have to discuss it."

"We will have to figure out where to put it."
I've got a couple suggestions.
It can go in the garage once everything else is out of it.
The other suggestion?
You got it.