Just a few rambling thoughts and crafts from a mind that is full of both. I am talented in my mind but regularly run full throttle into the wall of procrastination. I have raised procrastination to an art form. A friend once told me I have a BS in BS and a minor in excuse making. If there is anyway to get out of doing my best, I will do my best to get out of it. Welcome to my saburban life. : ).. Lol.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Nooo, don't tell me...

I was really starting to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend..  I was finally starting to wind down from the last work week..  I was finally getting caught up on some things that have been waiting..
Ugh..  I am soo not ready for Monday yet..
Lol..  It's not a lack of energy..
I'm just not looking forward to going back to our regular routine at work today.  We had a little down time last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  There was a little work involved, but not a lot.
Today?  Back to the grindstone.  Back to actual "work" work.  Ugh.  I'm not ready for that.

Soo, here are some funny things to brighten my morning.  Lol.  : )..

 For all the Bob Ross and "happy little tree" fans out there.

Ugh.  M o n d a y...

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Soo, again, when I was working at the group home, I found this lovely little craft item on Pinterest.  Someone had a great idea to cover bricks with fabric to create bookends.  : )..  Hmm.  Great idea!
Here was my inspiration..

Found somewhere here,
sorry, they don't seem to have a very
user friendly, find a craft

And here is my version,
with a little suggestion from one of
the great ladies at JoAnn's
in Kansas City.
Oooh, that would really look
great with burlap!
(Second burlap craft,
and I am already starting
to dislike burlap.  Lol.
It comes apart too easily,
it's hard to manuever,
but I really do like the
look of the finished project,
soo, I'll stick with it for now.)


I stenciled on my Fleur De Lis' prints,
because I have always loved them.
: )..

Not quite soo easy peasy this time.
And I itch.  Lol.
But, ha!  I beat the burlap and won.

I'm also linking up to DebbieDoo's
Newbie party once again this week.
She's got some crazy great ideas,
and some crazy talented newbies!

Update: I am also bringing this crafty
little project back around again,
linking up with SimplyKlassicHome's
linky party!  : )..

Another great website with some
great projects.  That
Chicken and Bacon Mac'n Cheese
really sounds delish!  Yummy!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Owl City - Fireflies

Soo, I kind of like this song, but I think the lyrics annoy me at times.  Lol.
However, I love fireflies or lightning bugs, so I'll muddle through it.  : )..
This is still April.  I started seeing lightning bugs last week.  I saw more of
them tonight.  I don't remember them being out this early before.  The
websites I looked at say that each area will get them at different times, but
they don't usually show up until June.

I know that we had a super mild winter this year and that we are supposed
to have a buggy summer.  If the fireflies and skeeters are any indication,
I believe they are right!  Lol.  Kansas City had less than 5 inches of snow
this last winter, which by the way, is FINE with me!  I am soo not a snow
fan.  Not sure how much of a bug fan I am either, outside of lightning bugs.
I know I'm not a spider fan.  Ha!  Hopefully the bugs won't be too bad.

I worked at a Girl Scout camp outside of St. Louis back in 1989.  We had
some female staff members that came from other countries, but I remember
one in particular.  She was from Scotland and kept asking us, "What is that?"
We kept looking at her, "What's what?"  She would point, "That light!" Lol.
"Lightning bugs."  Silence. "What??"  Giggles.  "Lightning bugs.  Fireflies."
"It's a bug?!"  She said that they don't have them in Scotland, and sat still,
fascinated as she had one crawling around on her hand, occasionally flashing
it's light.  Kind of made us feel as though we had taken their presence for
granted.  I think of her every summer when I start seeing those twinkling
little bugs.  Soo, even though that song kind of annoys me, I still listen and
sing along every time I hear it.  I might have to go sit outside for a bit.  : )..

Friday, April 27, 2012

Feelin better already.. : )..

Alrighty, soo, after only three full days of eating healthy, I can already tell a difference.  My stomach feels a little tighter, almost like I'm sucking it in and yesterday, we had a couple QA managers from others centers who brought us donuts.  Yeah.  Alright.  One of those bad boys was calling my name, so, I HAD to get rid of it.  Lol.  I didn't have any other choice.  Ya know?  I could tell a difference though, I kinda felt a little "blah" after that.  Soo, is there really something to this healthy eating, lifestyle change that I have started?  I'm giving it a big thumbs up! 

ADT started running weight loss programs continually for the past couple years, and although I watched what I ate, how much I ate, I got NO results in the three weeks that I participated.  I finally got frustrated and decided, the heck with that!  Really?  Stuck with it that long and got nuttin?  Sheesh.  What was the use?  Ahhh.  I see.  I was still eating the wrong things.  Oooh.  Really?  Hmm.  I get it now! 

Three full days and I can already tell that I've had results.  Three days.  Tuesday.  Wednesday.  Thursday.  Three.  Yeah.  That's 3.  Not four yet.  I'm working on that one.  I can already tell a difference in JUST three days, when I struggled for three weeks and got nowhere.  It might be a fluke, it might be purely psychological, but lemme tell ya!  If it is?  Bring it on!  I love knowing that in three short days, there has already been a change.

I won't say that the donut (who kept peeking around the cubicle and tapping me on the shoulder, while calling my name - see!!  I really DID have to do something about him!) was my only transgression that occured from the No! No! list. I did have two pieces of bread, a bagel, some frozen peas, carrots and corn from a bag, and 2% milk instead of whole milk.  I have successfully avoided soda, including last night when my dh, Dutch, brought home three different 12 packs of diet soda no less!  I drank water. 

I have successfully avoided potato chips!  Including my absolute favorite, the dark chips.  You know the ones.  You buy an occasional bag of chips, and there are ones that are just a little browner than the rest?  I love them.  Don't really know if they have a different taste for sure, but they seem like they do.  Must be something to that, there have been two different chip companies that have a dark chip variety!  Lol.  But!  I digress!  I haven't had ONE little chip!  Not one.  Oooh, lemme tell ya.  They were yelling at me too.  Calling my name.  JAN!!  C'mon Jan!  You know you want just ONE little potato chip!  Just one!  Right?  That wouldn't hurtcha, would it?!  Ha!  I closed the bag.  Put the chip clip on it.  Don't hear them now.  : )..  Ha!

I'm not saying that I don't have alternatives to potato chips.  There are some veggie straws that I love, Sam's Club sells a HUGE bag, but we don't have a membership.  Thought that I might have to stand outside the club, like young kids do outside a liquor store and beg someone to buy some for me.  Lol.  One of my co-workers bought me a bag a few months ago.  Yummy.  Now?  Ha!  I found out that a couple of our regular grocery stores carry them in their organic department.  But! I think some of those ingredients are on the No! No! list as well.  : (..

I can always make some out of sweet potatoes, but by gosh, I usually only have a few minutes of computer time per day because I'm usually so sluggish and don't want to wake up (Hey!  That's another change, I've had more energy in the mornings now!  Wow.) until the last minute, where I have to let the dogs out (who let the dogs out?  Woof, woof, woof, woof!), fix a quick breakfast, get ready for work and then run out the door, so I know that I haven't had the time or the chance to really sit down and make some sweet tater chips yet.  Might make up a few batches this weekend though.  Hmm..  Sweet tater chips.  Yummy!

All in all, if I can feel better, if I can feel a difference, if I can have more energy in just three little short days?  Imagine what 30 of them will do!  Count me in!  Let's get this party started!  : )..

I felt so motivated by my "possibly perceived" results, this morning, I had two eggs, some ham and some red pepper slices.  No bread.  Ok.  A glass of 2% milk.  But still!  I feel better, I feel motivated, I feel results!  Fast.  Heck.  Super fast!  This is super duper easy!
Easy peasy!  Just the way I like things to be.  : )..  Awesome!
Ya, ya!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogger's new features..

Can't say if I will ever get used to not having to go to the dashboard to create a post, since there is a link in the upper right hand menu that says, "New Post", lol, or if I really care for the new design of the screen once I start posting.  I just realized that I've left labels of my last few posts since the change occured.  There was a book that I was mandated to read, called, "Who Moved My Cheese?"  Lol.  I am the mouse who doesn't do well with changes.  It's confusing because I'm in a groove when it comes to hitting certain buttons and posting. 

However, wow!  There is one great feature that I'm starting to love.  You can see exactly how many hits your posts are getting.  My Kitchen Art, is up to 70.  Part of those might be repeats, but hey!  70 is definitely outstanding!  I'll take it!  : )..  Soo, guess I'm going to have to adjust and figure out all the new nuances.  It might grow on me, eventually.  Facebook certainly changes every time the wind does.  I can't even remember how it used to look.  Now if I can just remember to look over to the right and click on the labels...  Lol.  Practice makes perfect.  And wow!  Now I can include punctuation in the labels?  Awwwwesome.  Now, really, who moved my cheese?

Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy, Tummy..

Soo, still on the healthy lifestyle change and still doing well.  I'm not going to think about what day it is, I'm just going to power through the next few...  umm..  days..  and keep it going.  Haven't had any soda at all.  Not really missing it either.  I've been drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of veggies and so far, so good.  Finally got the list of the items we should skip, although the list is kind of vague.  Basically, if it comes out of a bag, a box or a can, it should be avoided. 

Soo, continuing in that vein, I love fish.  Soo, todays find is tilapia.  I loooove me some tilapia.  My favorite restaurant tilapia is Chili's.  They have a grilled tilapia served with pico de gallo and a delicious Chimichurri sauce.  It's kind of expensive for a fern bar though, coming in around $14, but it's definitely something that I would eventually go back and get.  : )..  In the meantime, here's a delicious tilapia treat to tide me over....

Honey Lime Tilapia..
: )..
Looks good!
Sounds delishus!
Nummy, nummy, nummy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun with Marbles..

Soo, another fun craft item that I made over the weekend was baking craft marbles.  It was another Pinterest find, but from what I can see, it's been around for forever and a day.  : ).. 

I found the best results were when I
turned the oven on to 500 degrees and
baked the marbles for at least 20 minutes.
I poured them into a sink full of icy
cold water and voila!  Crack, crack, crack!
Another super easy peasy idea!

These are the ones that I made..
I also made some of the green and blue
flat marble rocks that you can find at
WalMart, I just haven't downloaded them
on the 'puter yet.

The marble on the lower right side
was left in it's original condition,
one to show the difference between
the baked marbles and the regular
and because it looked like it already
had a pretty significant crack running
through it.

Now if I can find something to put them
in, like the end cap shown in the other
website's pictures..
: )..
Hmm..  I am still lookin..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to work..

Soo, I took Friday off as a present to myself.  Took the puppies to the groomer and did a few things around the house.  Took yesterday off to have Fergus checked out, who is now playing happily like nothing ever happened.  Soo, after four whole days off in a row....  it's time to go back to work.  Back to reality.  Lol.  Sigh.  At least it's not Monday anymore!  : )..  Yay!

This is also when I am starting my healthy lifestyle change.  30 days without soda.  I can do it.  I can do it.  I can...  do it?  It's not like I drink a lot of it either.  I usually open a can and 10 minutes later, it tastes flat to me.  I usually only drink about 1/4th of the can and leave the rest.  I am going to try and not think about soda for a while.  It's not like there haven't been weeks where we haven't bought soda either.  With the prices they want for it?  We drink more water than soda.  But still.  30 days.  30 days without soda.  30 days without a lot of carbs.  It's basically a hybrid lifestyle change between gluten-free and a paleo diet.  Should be interesting.  No cheating.  Our boss already gave us permission to knock any cheater foods out of his hands.  Lol.  We would NEVER do that.  Right?  Nooo.  Unh uh.

Anyway, here's a lasagna recipe from Pinterest that might fit the bill.  I'm not sure about the tofu version, so I will probably skip that.  Lol.  Looks good though.  I'm hoping that it turns out just
as well....  Alrighty.  Let's get this time a rollin!

Please be good, please be good, please be good.  Lol.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Soo, yesterday (hush, hush. lol) was my birthday.  I was worried about our little furbaby Fergus though, the entire day long.  He had been outside playing with an old, chewed up milk jug and I think he ate a piece.  Woke up around 3am Sunday morning because he was getting sick in his kennel.  He got sick soo many times Sunday, and he hadn't been able to do his business the entire day.

After knowing at least two people who had dogs that had to undergo surgery to unblock an intestinal blockage, I was definitely worried.  A lot.  Poor little Fergus.  He looked soo sad.  : (..  I called our vets number, only to get a voicemail with an Emergency Vet Clinic number listed on it.  I called the Emergency Vet's number and they told me to try and withhold food and water for 6-8 hours to see if his tummy wouldn't calm down.  It slowed him down a little.  He ate later last night and still ended up getting sick.

Called our vet this morning and got him in.  Good news, the dr said he didn't have a fever or a cough, so that was a good sign.  Said that although Fergus tensed up when he felt around his stomach area, he didn't yelp in pain.  He sent us home with anti-biotics and an order for Metamucil.  Just as I was about to put Fergus in his kennel, lo and behold!  Lol.  He pooped.  Yay!  Happy dance for poop.  I was never so happy to see a little puppy going in all my life.  Not sure if a little piece of a green rubber ball was the culprit, or if we still have to worry about part of the plastic milk jug as well, but at least he's able to go again.  Yay!  Happy dance!  He acts like he's feeling a lot better as well!  : )..  Whew. 

Needless to say, I have rounded up every dangerous toy and jug that could cause problems again and given them the boot.  Better safe than sorry.  From now on out, we will stick with chews that are easy for pups to digest!  WHEW!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kitchen Art Inspiration..

Soo, while I was *ahem* working at the group home last weekend, I ran across this crafty little idea on Pinterest.
I found it here..

I'm more of a dark color fan, soo, I got some
 Not sure if it's true or not, but I saw
something on Pinterest that said to wipe
metal objects down with vinegar before
painting them to keep the paint from peeling,
but I thought I would give it a try.
Lol.  No one would say that on Pinterest
unless it's true, right?
I wasn't taking any chances.  Lol.
I wiped them down with vinegar.
 Found a box that my husband was nice
enough to leave laying around
and started spraying my silverware.
 Flat black spray paint, found out
it's best to wear rubber gloves when
working with this..  Thankfully, my
husband also has some heavy duty
hand cleaner!  : )..
 Flipped them after one side dried and
sprayed them again.  Let them dry,
pulled them out..

Found a little wooden tray / frame
that was laying around here,
added a little burlap, added
some little thumb tacks to hold
the creation on, and then
added my newly blackened

Voila!  Easy peasy!
Love the look of the dark
colors.  Still have a lotta
burlap left, they had it on sale
at Joann's this week,
so (sorry Bliss!), I'll have
a lotta burlap creations to come!

Joining up with DebbieDoo's
Newbie party this week!
Great host!  Great blog!
Great ideas!  Great newbies!
: )..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Healthy eating ideas..

Ok, soo, starting on Monday, my co-workers and I are starting a healthier eating challenge. Well, I'm starting mine that day, not exactly sure when they are going to begin theirs.  I'm excited and all in for it. My biggest downfalls are pizza and potato chips.  I love both.  I love shrimp more, but amazingly, with the exception of the chimichangas, shrimp is still a go with this plan.  Yay!  Take away my shrimp and someone might come out with a nub.  It wouldn't be pretty.  Lol. 

Anyway, speaking of shrimp...  Here is a delicious looking recipe that I am hoping will taste just as great as it sounds!  : )..

It's a shrimp cake recipe found Here..
The recipe says it makes 12 cakes.
Awesome!  : )..  Count me in.
I'm betting it'll be a great, great, great leftover!

By the way, I have alternatives to the potato chips,
baked sweet potato chips (right on!)
and for the pizza too,
substituting 14 strips of bacon weaved together
and baked for a bit instead of a regular crust,
homemade, healthier pizza sauce
and natural meat and delicious veggie
toppings with actual cheese, cheese
instead of processed cheese.
Again, count me in!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Funday Friday..

Took the entire day off work, got to take the puppies to the groomers and work on some crafts.  Gotta lotta stuff done, and the crafts that I did today worked out really well.  : )..  I'll be posting one of them on Sunday.  Fergus got a pretty good haircut, he looks like a totally different dog.  Lol.  Instead of Ernest Borgnine eyebrows, he has our recently passed Cornish Rex cat's ears in exchange.  Poor little puppy.  Ha!  Emmy got a little grooming herself, she was starting to look a little shaggy on her head and both she and Milo got their nails trimmed.  Thanks to Aunt Chelsea!  Emmy and Fergus smelled soo good on the way back.  Don't worry, have no fear, I'm sure that they found something smelly to roll in once we got home!  Lol.

Anyway, here are the puppy pics of Fergus that I took once we got home..

 Fergus before..
Fergus 2.0

Our cat Rexdancer's Hard Target Firefox..
I rest my case.
RIP Foxy.
He's been gone for around a year now,
but he is still missed,
even if he was a strange cat.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Split Lip Rayfield - Never Make it Home at Liberty Hall

Accidentally left my iphone home yesterday, but I am glad that I did.  I
got to spend a little time getting reacquainted with one of my favorite
Split Lip Rayfield Cd's, "Never Make It Home".  Love this group, love
that cd, love, love, love this song.  This video was made shortly before
one of their members, Kirk Rundstrom passed away from cancer.  He
found out that he was terminally ill, but wanted to spend his remaining
time doing what he loved, playing music on the road....  Great stuff....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 day changes..

Got some great craft ideas and I've got a couple supplies that are really going to make some awesome items. Looking forward to putting them together. : ).. Also, getting ready to start a healthier nutritional lifestyle as well. This should really be an interesting month. Even though my MySpace accounts should still show that I'm in my 30's (lol), truth is, I'm not as close to 39 as I used to be. Including this upcoming Sunday. Lol. It's my birthday on the 22nd. I'll actually have to remember my password so I can reset my birth year again. This month will mark Fergus' first visit to the groomer as well. He's getting Milo's Ernest Borgnine eyebrows and his nails need a trim. This should be an interesting 30 days coming up. For sure! I'm ready and raring to go! Let's get this ball rollin!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a little somethin, somethin.. : )..

Soo, after making my little To Do list, I realized why I practiced on that.  Lol.  I gathered up my craft supplies that have been patiently waiting for me to figure out what they were going to make, and came up with something pretty neat.  : )..  Here is my little somethin, somethin for DebbieDoo's Newbie Party this week.

That was an old picture that I printed out..
Rub on transfer words..
And voila. A quick, easy deal.
All in all?  A little project for less than $4.
Can't beat that.  : )..

That being said, I am linking up to DebbieDoo's Newbie Party
again this week.  She has some great ideas and some really
great Newbies on her website!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Right Side Up? I am.. For now.. Lol..

Soo, after my little debacle with my pics last night, figured I would give it a go this morning. Here is my item..  Nothing exceptionally special, but it will definitely come in handy.  : )..

 Yay!  Whaddya know.  Right side up.
It's a write on, wipe off board.
Paper.  Frame.  Stenciled letters.
Write on, wipe off marker.
Voila.  Done.
Easy Peasy..
But, I finished it!
And got another idea after thinking
about it and some other craft items
that I have waiting around the house.
: )..
Soo, I'll have a Debbie Doo Newbie
project by tomorrow.  It's been a couple weeks.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My To Do List..

My To Do List today was to actually finish one of my crafts, and I actually got it done.  Lol.  Yay!  Not that it's a big deal, but I finally finished one while I was working ooooh so hard at the group home this evening.  That and I got to look around on Pinterest for a while.  Oooh, such hard, hard, hard work.  Actually, staying busy and awake is about the hardest work we have here.  : )..

Lol.  Umm.  Yeah.  Soo.  My iphone is sideways.
Or the pictures are.
I emailed my picture.
It was sideways.
No problem.
Clicked rotate until it was right side up.
Saved it.
No problem.
Opened the file.
Right side up.
No problem.
Went to post the picture here.
It's still sideways.
I am beginning to think my iphone is trying to gaslight me!
I'll post pics of my craft item in the morning
when I have access to my home 'puter.

In the meantime, here are some great Pinterest finds
that I found today.  : )..

has a great dresser idea,
black matte paint with
gloss stencils.  Love it..  : )..

has this great chalkboard picket fence
idea.  Guess what?  Love that too!
And finally?  Lol.
has this awesome Fan Head
and Lamp body idea.
Awesome Possum!

Sideways.  Ugh.
Dang Smartphone technology.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fergus Fun..

Fergus went for his last round of puppy shots this morning.  He's 8.1 pounds of furry fun.  He's 17 weeks old.  I called his Momma Judy and gave her an update on how well he has been doing.  All in all, he's starting to become one of the pack, chasing and herding his kitty brothers around the house, running up and down the fence line with his brother and sister and the neighbor dogs, snoozing all snuggled up with any of the aforementioned family members.  Lol.  Here are a couple great pics of his this week.  : )..

Cute as a bug in a rug if ya ask me!  Lol.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Whatta great idea! Lol.

Soo, in addition to Milo's splish splash pool, I might have to try this awesome little idea!  : )..  Ha!  It's a treat and toy filled Ice-Lick, designed to intrigue pets and help keep them cool at the same time.  Oooh the possibilities!  Pinterest wins again!

One of my friends had shared the pin,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awww.. : )..

He wakes me up in the middle of the night because he wants out of his needs to go outside.  He chews on us a little bit, not as much as he did when he was a little baby.  He chases the cats with his brother and sister.  He chews on things that shouldn't be chewed on.  He has pulled the stuffing out of things that shouldn't have the stuffing pulled out of.  He barks at his brother and sister and the cats without listening to us ask him not to.  He empties a filled water bowl of water in less than a minute on the kitchen floor... 

But he also loves to cuddle and see us when we come home at night and when we let him out of his kennel.  He loves it when I keep him out of his kennel and let him sleep on the bed when he's tired.  He loves chasing us around and barking at cups that he was playing with and left on the floor and then forgot that he had been playing with it and can't figure out what that strange object is that is now rolling all over the wooden floor upstairs (I have that one on video on my iphone, but apparently it is way too big to post on here..  It keeps saying, "Loading" and never gets done.).  He loves Milo's splish splash pool.  But most of all, he's soo cute when he sleeps.  : )..

McCormack's Sir Fergus Ozborn McDougal..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Notta Lotta Computer Time..

Haven't had a lot of computer time lately and even less success when it comes to working on crafts so, just bear with me for a bit and I'll eventually get back to it.  : )..  Have a First Aide class this morning so I'm short on time as usual.  Yay.  Joy of joys.  It's not so bad until we have to get down on a hard tiled floor on our knees to roll people over.  Awesome.  My knees hurt already just thinking about it!

Anyway, knowing that my 'puter may be unaccessible later this evening, here are a few fun things for the day.....
 From Pinterest..  Pug on a pug on a rug..  : )..
Awwwwww..  : )..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's for my snack today? : )..

I'm thinking that it's going to be this!  I love Granny Smith apples, caramel dip, raisins, etc.  Put them all together?  Oooh.  I really think I would love that.  : )..  Yummy!
Apple Nachos..

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a Monday/Tuesday kinda morning.. : )..

Yay, skipped my Monday mornin rough time by working the evening shift
at the group home last night.  : )..  They had an Easter dinner yesterday with
plenty more for seconds.  Easy night and I figured out a few more crafty ideas.
A co-worker also volunteered an old window that she has to my craft supplies.
I told her that I would gladly make something for her out of it and return it
to her in it's new state.  I think she really liked that idea.  Found some great
ideas for it on Pinterest.  Now just to get the window and get going on it!
Should be fun!  And speaking of fun, there's a little Po'Girl - Movin' On for
the sluggish Monday mornin blues.  I'm ready for my day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How cool are these?

 Pop Top Bracelets..
Another great bracelet idea..
But my favorite?  : )..
Hmm..  Recycled can bracelets..  Lol..
I might just have to try those..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I love this look.. : )..

I've loved checking in with Funky Junk Interiors from time to time, but this really caught my attention.  : )..  I hate the shades that we have right now and would absolutely love to change the look of our living room and kitchen with these!

Here's the link..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hackers Galore!

Grrr.  Soo.  I had someone email some fun things to me in the past that have been pretty good.  I didn't think twice about one of the last emails I received, it had a pretty tame subject line and a little blurb before the link.  Stupid me, clicked on it with my iphone.  Guess what?  Hacker.  Spammer.  Phisher.  Great.  Now?  Lol.  Not only did I have to change the password on my Yahoo account on the computer?  I had to change it on my iphone.  Lol.  Hmm.  Soo.  Imagine my surprise when I came back to my work email and found that I had spammed myself yesterday.  What?  Not only myself, mind you, but two of my QA co-workers AND my immediate supervisor.  Awesome.  Stupendous!  Right on.

I get the goofy, funny emails and can read the first couple lines without having to open an email with the way my email is set up.  I love the ones where I am getting a huge tax return if I will just fill out this "formular" and give them my credit card number so that they might be able to deposit the money.  I've been able to retire from work as well because, apparently, I have won several lottery lump sums along the way as well.  I'm just waitin for the day to collect those!  Ha!

Now?  Spammers are getting clever.  Beware.  They send subjects that don't appear phishy.  Oooh, but they are.  Those people just need to get a real job.  If they are smart enough to phish, they are smart enough to do something else.  Sheesh.  Stop messin with other people. 

I've got to get ahold of Apple and find out how to check my iphone for a hacker / keystroke dealio because I know that is the only way that they got my password on there.  I know it was the link that I opened on my iphone that did it.  And apologize to my boss.  Thankfully ADT, who also owns the company that was formerly Brinks, formerly Broadview and who will soon, within the next six months become formerly ADT, soon to be Tyco Integrated Security (yeah, ha, we are splitting our Residential and Small Business accounts, keeping them with ADT, and the Core Commercial, DOD, Special Operations, AWARE accounts, etc, will become the newly monikered company), has a pretty righteous spam filter and actually changed my subject line to ****SPAM**** for me.  Ha!  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Now, if I can just stop all of that nonsense.  Lol.  Thankfully for me as well, my boss has an awesome sense of humor!  Yay!

(Especially when he was telling us how he was at the KC Zoo this weekend and some doofus was trying to growl like a tiger because the dude thought he could really communicate with the animals.  My boss said he wanted to get a video.  I said he should have snuck up behind the guy (who was tryin to hold his pants up by his belt because they were hanging around his knees, lol) and growled like a tiger.  Ha!  Dude probably would have dropped the belt and tripped over his pants trying to get away.  Hehehehehe!)

Alrighty.  Ready to start another wonderful Thursday.  Woot!  Hopefully spam free!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another great Pinterest find..

I love Pinterest, it has some great ideas that I would never have thought about.  I have seen these bottles at some of the wineries here and there and thought it was a great idea.  Now I just need to save about, oh, say $1,100 for a kiln to make them..  : )..  Not saying that I won't do it.  Lol.  I might.  I just might.

It's called Bottle Slumping.
Hmm.  I wonder if I couldn't find a kiln
somewhere on Craigslist or Ebay....
Pretty cool idea if ya ask me..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Showin a little love to Pandora.. : )..

Another great Pandora - Po'Girl Channel song.  I have always loved Nickel Creek,
this song is definitely no exception.  : )..  Love it..

Monday, April 2, 2012

Party pictures..

Had some early guests so I didn't get pictures as early as I wanted to.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs and some baked beans with hamburger and onion in them, which went over really well, as usual.  Lol.  Especially from the looks of this picture..

 Some Mexicorn, corn with rotel.  Yummy!
 My highlight of the party..
Ladoga Ridge's Strawberry Rhubarb wine,
two bottles of club soda and a little bit of 7Up.
Deelishus!  : )..
I even put my lights out on the porch.
Super easy, super cute.
All in all, the few pics that I took shows how much
fun was had.  Too much fun to take too many pics.  : )..
Lol.  Whew.  Glad it's over though.  I need a Monday
to recover from my weekend.  Lol.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Partay.. Lol..

Happy to say that it was another successful cookout with lots of yummy food. Great friends and a lot of fun. I have pictures of some of it but between watching tv through the back of my eyelids, a couple loads of laundry, dinner out and an early departure time for Dutch tomorrow (he's getting up at 3am and went to sleep about 630pm), I didn't get computer time today. Those parties are fun and we had a smaller crowd who all went home at a decent hour, but lemme tell ya, between the cleaning, yard work, cooking and cleanup, they get harder to recover from each time. Guess that means I'm getting older. Well. Ha! Not according to my MySpace pages that should still say I'm in my 30's. : ). Anyway. Great party. Yummy Ladoga Ridge Holiday Punch. Deelishus. Pics to follow. Minus the clear cups and colored napkins. Men. He shopped. Need I say more?