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Saturday, June 23, 2018

4 month absence? Wow! That time flew by!!

It's been a crazy, hectic four months.
We are losing two more of our group homes at work
and I've been temporarily reassigned to one of them because
all of their day shift staff quit.  It's coming to a close
on July 1st though so I will finally be back at my
old group home and closer to where I live.
Can't wait, although it's only 7 miles right now to work,
it will be 2.5 miles soon.  It's also in a better area
so that will be nice.

I also got back to swimming again.
Dropped out of the North Kansas City Hospital's
Health and Fitness Center / Pool program from November
last year until this month.  I love swimming but with
everything going on, it's been too hectic to even
try to get back over there.  That's an additional
10 miles one way to the pool.
It's definitely worth it though!
$24 a month, we get 24/7 access to the
fitness center and the pool.
Can't beat that!!

I can't even begin to describe how much I love
getting to swim again.  I swear that I am
definitely a mermaid at heart.
Not only do I love them,
I drink like a fish at times.  Mostly water.
Sometimes wine.  Lol.

What mermaid / swimmer wouldn't love to be
able to listen to their music while floating
peacefully in the pool?
I sure love it.
I get people asking me about my little
MP3 player allllll the time.
It's truly a God Send!
I looked around on Amazon and finally found
one that had better reviews than most of the
other waterproof items.

It's from Underwater Audio and let me tell you!
Not only is their product fantastic and super easy to use,
but their customer service is phenomenal.
I had dropped my player a couple times,
which I'm sure isn't very good for them,
and I had left it on a charger too long a couple times too.

My first shuffle stopped charging and went to a permanent
red light, which the customer service rep verified was the light of death on them.
They sent me all of the instructions to return my defective
player and once I had a tracking number, they immediately sent
out my replacement shuffle.  How great is that?
It comes in some super great colors and it's super duper
cute!  It comes with a sticky goo to help the earbuds that
come with it stay in your ears, but I ended up buying
another set of waterproof headphones that not only stick up into
the ear canal, but they have a wire that flips over and then
behind your ear.  They come in several different colors too!

The IPod Shuffle is easy to charge, usually takes less than an hour,
depending on how low you let it run.  It's also super, duper easy
to load with music.  Just open ITunes and click on the IPod Shuffle
on the screen and then click Music, Sync and voila!  It loads it
quickly and away you can go.  You can use it in or out of the
water.  I do both at times.  It has a great clip on the back
that really holds onto whatever clothes you clip it to.
It's small and sometimes I tend to drop things (I've never had
much strength / grip with my hands), but if it's got the headphones
plugged in, I can catch it before it falls.
It's got a shuffle or non shuffle feature so you can choose
how to listen to your playlist.  It also stores quite a bit
of music and although I have gotten the "Low Battery"
voice warning a couple times (mostly because I didn't let it charge
all the way), I haven't ever had either shuffle run out of
power and shut off.  I usually swim for an hour and usually
charge it each time before I go.  I don't always go every single
day, sometimes there are a day or two in between trips to
the pool.

If you love swimming, especially if you love doing laps,
let me tell you!  This is the waterproof MP3 player
that you need. You will be the
envy of the other swimmers as you glide by, drowning out any and all
noise and jamming on your own great music choices!
It's well worth the money!  Best money I've spent in a long time!
I love it, love it, love it!