Just a few rambling thoughts and crafts from a mind that is full of both. I am talented in my mind but regularly run full throttle into the wall of procrastination. I have raised procrastination to an art form. A friend once told me I have a BS in BS and a minor in excuse making. If there is anyway to get out of doing my best, I will do my best to get out of it. Welcome to my saburban life. : ).. Lol.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Soo Tired..

This has been a pretty grueling month, and I've been
going almost non-stop.  Whew.  Gotta little bit of a break
for two weeks, although I'll still be doing a few things here and there.
It won't be like it has been though.
We have one week's events down.
We've had a loss and the
funeral service this afternoon.
We've got three more events coming up in the
next month, and then hopefully, that will be more
than enough.
However, after all is said and done, we have
decided to make this a yearly event.
We want to make a lasting legacy that will
help others who might be in the same shape.
We can do it!
It'll work..  : )..
I'm ready for it to slow down though.
Definitely ready for that.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012


God Saw You Getting Tired
God saw you getting tired,
When a cure was not to be.
So He wrapped his arms around you,
and whispered, "come to me."
You didn't deserve what you went through,
So He gave you rest.
God's garden must be beautiful,
He only takes the best
And when I saw you sleeping,
So peaceful and free from pain
I could not wish you back
To suffer that again.
- Frances and Kathleen Coelho

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bingo.. Is Done..

One of our best raffle draws..
One of my co-workers is a phenomenal photographer,
and is currently taking college photography classes.
All in all, we made over $700 between the Bingo games,
the raffle and the bake sale (yummy!!).
They auctioned off some items as well.
All of it helped to make a very, very, very
successful evening!  Thanks to everyone involved!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Alrighty.  Tomorrow night is our charity Bingo night for the Benefits 4 Tyrone fund.  We are having a bingo night / raffle (two great prizes, a coffee gift basket and a Miller High Life Mirror) / bake sale that will hopefully rival all other Bingo nights that Pat's Pub has had before.  And, hopefully, people will have so much fun that they keep going back for the upcoming Bingo nights there.  : )..

Sooo..  Why does everyone else always yell, "BINGO!"
when all I yell is, "Ahhh nuts!"
Lol.  I loved all of the kooky Leslie Nielson movies..
: )..
This one was no exception!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Yes! Please!! : )..

Oooh, here is some super suhweeeet ear candy for sure!  Where, oh where
has Daniele Silvestri been hiding all my life?  I love this song.  : )..  I
finally heard it while sitting outside on the patio at Fence Stile Vineyard &
Winery yesterday.  Ooooh, yeah.  Right on.  Love, love, love it.  Or more
appropo, being at Fence Stile, I should say, "Ishq! Ishq! Ishq!" That's their
newest wine, which means, "Love" in 14 different languages.  Ahh.  I truly
thank Shriti and William for such a lovely, relaxing, super day.  Awesome.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Auctions, Grape Stomps and Puppies, Oh My!

Alrighty then.  Looks like I went a little MIA the past couple days.  Not sure what happened when I posted my last entry, but it was actually entered on the 20th.  Blogger seems to have some wacky versions of dates and times.  I adjusted the date on the last one.  Lol.  However, since that time, it's been cah-razy around here.
I'm thinkin we are pretty much going back to the brainstorming drawing board for fundraising ideas.  The auction, while we have gotten a few bids, hasn't been able to catch fire like I had hoped it would, but more or less had a few sparks of hope here and there. 
We went to the Fence Stile Vineyard & Winery and took donations and raffled off the great BBQ basket from BBQ Fans in Claycomo, MO.  We made some money there, and for both days being small groups, we made an astounding amount of money!  : )..  The winner of our raffle was one of the Mizzou Tiger fans who showed up on a tour bus yesterday.  Lol.  That was an awesome sight!  Ya don't see that at a vineyard very often.  Go Mizzou!  If only the Tigers fared so well.  Ummmm.  Yeah..   They didn't.  Welcome to the SEC football conference.  I'm thinking, it's going to take a while for us to get the hang of playing with the big schools.  We'll get there, it may just take some time.
 We've got a Bingo game coming up this Wednesday evening in North Kansas City, MO, and will also be holding a raffle there as well.  We will be raffling off a basket full of coffee items, including a bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, some Almond Joy creamers, as well as a few other yummy sounding coffee products.  : )..  I'm really betting that this will be a huge step towards our fundraising goal.
And speaking of time, we are still coming up with ideas on how we can spend it.  We are organizing a hot rod / motorcycle cruise, tentatively set for Saturday, October 13th.  It's going to start at one of the local restaurants, then hit one of our local wineries, another restaurant / grill, two more wineries, and finally end up at another bar & grill.  Worth Harley Davidson has said they would give us a gift basket one week before our cruise, so that should be a huge draw for that night.
Right now, we should have a little more than $300 raised for Tyrone's fund.  He is still hanging in there.  He actually left the hospice house and stayed a couple nights at his brother's house, before requesting to go back to the hospital early this morning.  He is currently back in the North Kansas City Hospice House.  I spent some time last weekend checking out how much we thought we needed, and came up with around $2500.  It's going to be an uphill battle for a bit, but by gosh!  We are determined to get there.  Even if the road is rocky, crazy and chaotic.  We'll get there!
Thanks to everyone who has supported us!!! Every bit of help gets us that much closer!!!
It is truly appreciated!!
And by the way, if you EVER get a chance to stomp some grapes??  You should jump on that chance!  : )..  Shriti from Fence Stile Vineyard & Winery said that it's the best pedicure you will ever have.  I totally agree!  My feet tingled after the stomp.  : ).. 
 Lucy?  Is that you?  You got some
'splainin to doooo!  : )..
 Rub a dub, dub, that's 14 feet in a tub!
 My co-worker and her daughter
grape stompin to support us!
 "Is that a BUS?!"
Yup!  It's our Mizzou fans tour bus,
and one of them was our BBQ Basket winner!
Winner, winner, BBQ Dinner Winner!
 This is Sir Fergus Ozborn McDougall's
(surprise!!) baby brother who is all of 13 weeks
old.  He was soooo cute, it alllmost made
me want to take him home with me!!
Whooo could resist a happy faced little puppy
like that?  I almost couldn't!
We took Fergus and stopped by his Momma Judy's
after the Grape Stomp because she lives a hop, skip
and a jump from where we were.
Sir Fergus Ozborn McDougall getting some
visiting time with his daddy Mack and his momma
ChiChi yesterday.  : )..  Mack seemed glad to see him,
while ChiChi took a few minutes of barking to finally warm
up to his presence.  Lol.  She's a feisty one!  I see
where he gets it now!  Ack!  Lol.
I was sooo tired the past couple days that I missed
stopping by here.  Whew!  I conked out like someone hit
me in the head with a rock last night.  I'm hopin I can sleep
like that again tonight!  : )..  Back to work tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eureka!! Aha!! I got it now!! : )..

Hi. This is me.  I'm a jester.  I'm silly.  I like to make people laugh.  I like to cheer people up. I want people to be happy.  I want world peace.  Lol.  I sound like a Mrs. Universe contestant.

 However, here lately, I've felt like a complete and utter failure.  I've done a fairly good job procuring some items for auction to support my friend's attempt to raise funds to cover final costs of their fiancée who has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  
These are the crickets that I hear when I tried posting the online auction last week.
 Chirp, $5 bid on the flickering skull, awesome!  We have our first bid!  Chirp.  Chirp.  Chirp.  Silence.  Whoa.  I know it's supposed to be a silent auction, but not that silent!  Yikes! This is me (not really, it's someone else) freaking out Saturday afternoon!  
Maybe we should pull the items offline and do a raffle, or a regular auction in front of a group of people...  Here's me trying to also generate support for a car warsh (yup, lol, I know) Saturday.
  Chirp!  Chirp!  Chirp!  Our supporters out of state reposted my fb car warsh posts.  
My in town fb friends?  .....  .....  Nuttin.  Not even a chirp.
Ack!  I even said I would toss in prizes to the first person who sent us a car to warsh.  .... .... Nuttin.  
I felt hopeless.  I felt like I failed.  I felt like we would never, ever, ever raise any money for Tyrone.  Nuttin.  Nada.  
I have the support of Fence Stile Vineyard and Winery and Ladoga Ridge as well as a lot of local businesses.  
Chirp!  Email from my coworker wanting to bid on items!  Yay!  There might be hope!  Posted items again.  Chirp.  .....  $5 bid on my Cici's coupons.  There might be hope.  .... .... .... Nuttin.  
Failure? I felt like one.  
Here were my fb friends who looked at me like I had grown a third eye.  Lol.  
Monday rolled around and I trudged back to work.  Yeah, my online auction is never going to work.  I will never be able to get enough support to get bids.

Another coworker wanted to look online over the weekend but looked when our items were offline.  Chirp!  There's hope again?  Yay!  Chirp. ... ....
It's Thursday morning.  The abject failure that I have felt has crept back again and been smothering me.  Choking me.  I've posted about potato chips and music. I hadn't even had the heart to post anything that might let people see how big of a failure I am. Sigh.  ... .... ....  
CHIRP!  Aha!  Epiphany!  I'm going about this all wrong.

I got it figured out.  I'm about to kick this auction's hind end in major gear.

I'm about to out this fund raising in its place.  Aha!

Instead of just trying fb and on here, I'm about to make some signs to put in grocery stores, libraries, store fronts, etc.  this town needs to know that we are raising some money and that we've got some items for them in return.

Aha!  I can do this!  I've got paper and some colored markers on hand!

Aha!  We can do this!  No more crickets!  I'm kicking them back outside.  Shoo little crickets.  We've got work to do.  My third eye's brain just kicked in!

Aha!  Failure?  It's no longer in my vocabulary!  Shoo failure!  It's no longer an option!

It's auction and raffle time in Cowtown!
Woot!  Eureka!  Let's get the party started!!!  Woot, woot!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Microwave Potato Chips? : )..

Alright, for any one that really knows me, they know that I will walk right past the sweets, including chocolate (yeah! I know!), and will head straight to those yummy, delicious, salty concoctions in a heartbeat.  : )..  Toss some salt and vinegar on them?  I'm in heaven.  Lol.  Now?  I have access to a great recipe where I can make them in the microwave and season them myself.  I see lots of ideas and flavors.  Yummee!  Yay!  Allllrighty then!  Without further ado..  It's another Pinterest winner.  Winner, winner, potato chip dinner.  (yeah.. I know..)..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Feeling a little easier..

We have some new options for the auction.  Might promote it on a few of the online swap shops around this area, as well as possibly having a few raffles at some local businesses.  Also found out that one of my former co-workers runs a business that might be able to help out and take payments, instead of having to have a huge lump sum up front.  Put the auction items back online.  We are going to let the auction run for one whole week.  This is the link if anyone is interested..
Alrighty.  Sink or swim.  It's up and running again.  It's been a learning curve, and since we have more options, I think it will turn out ok.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Craziness Continued..

Not sure the online auction was working out so well, so we have decided to reschedule it and change it to an actual in person auction or a raffle.  We also tried a car wash today, but only ended up with one person stopping by.  The group is going to try it again tomorrow.  Now we just have to figure out a time, date and place for the rescheduled auction.  It's a work in progress and definitely a learning experience.
Here's a little fun in the meantime..


Donations and auctions and tickets, oh my!

Gotta lot more donations today, three were ones that we had been told to check back.  Score!  We got a great Miller Lite Bear mirror from The Man Cave Decor shop, a great gift basket from BBQ Fans with some BBQ sauce, a spice rub, a meat thermometer and a cool wooden keychain with their company name and phone number.  : )..  That's pretty cool if ya ask me.  Great promo item.  Great basket too!  And then, we got an awesomely unexpected, super, duper amazing cash donation from one of our local bars.  It was more than what we expected and we are truly thankful for One Eyed Jacks donation.  The items are partially loaded, between a password snafu, slooooooow loading pictures, craft making, pizza eating fun, we got some of those super great items up and rollin.  Hey!  We even got our first online bid!  How awesome is that?   Now we need more.  I will post the link ASAP.  Last but not least, Kansas City has a Monsters of Mock concert tomorrow night which features cover / tribute bands of AC/DC, Kiss, Poison and Mötley Crüe.  We were given 56 to try and see if we couldn't get some donations in return for them.  I think it would have been easier selling a pile of snow to Eskimos.  Everyone, and I do mean everybody already has a stack if them.  Lol.  We couldn't trip over a rock and not find someone lol.   Alrighty, time to rest, early day tomorrow.  Whew!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

One More Day..

Our first attempt at an online, silent auction begins tomorrow afternoon.  It's on like Donkey Kong around 5pm Central Standard Time.  Please, keep us in mind if you are reading this, and wish us well.  Not sure how well it will go, but I'm hoping that it is going to be great.  I am going to do some more work on the donations tomorrow, they are still trickling in.  My boss has even gotten in on the hunt for us, he is going to contact some of his friends to see if their businesses can put something in for us.  We truly appreciate everyone's support and well wishes.  It's been a crazy week, but it's going to be an even crazier weekend.
For anyone that is reading these posts, here is the link to the facebook site for Tyrone.
This page is to help organize and promote our fundraising events.  There will be a lot of them!
Alrighty..  Gotta do some more work..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm still trying to catch up on sleep, but still can't get to sleep at night until it's too late to get a good night's rest.  I'm wide awake when I should be laying down and shutting my eyes.  I was soo tired the other day, I left a voicemail for someone requesting a donation and don't think that I ever left my phone number.  Yikes.  Not that I don't remember who it was, and can't call them back.  In fact, after hearing news that our friend may have less than a week left, I might just kick things in higher gear and start calling all the big wigs myself.  : (..
We need to come up with at least $1800 for a deposit for his final costs.  There is a church who is willing to donate their building for his visitation.  We are going to try and start an online auction this Friday that will run through until Sunday.  This won't be the only auction that we do, because hopefully I have enough donations that will still trickle in to start another one.  Right now, we have a lot of local restaurant certificates, and I am going to go into craft overdrive to put in some non-food items.  Our friends and family that aren't in the Kansas City area will need something to bid on.
One of my craft items involves..
 And another one involves cinnamon..
Which reminds me, I am soooo
addicted to the Oatmeal, Cranberry,
Walnut cookies that they are making at
the cafeteria at work.  Oooh my gosh..
I love oatmeal and raisin cookies,
but lemme tell ya..  I could eat the whole
batch of these cookies and not even bat an eye.
Now I wanna cookie..
If you give a girl a cookie, she'll
want a glass of milk..
Dang..  Now I want a glass of milk..
And another cookie..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am sooo tired and sleepy..

I am about to crash out for the night, but it was such a productive day, that it's a great thing to be tired and sleepy.  We kicked our donation requests into high gear today, and although there are a few places who are going to either put something together for us, or think about it, we got so many places to donate.  We have so many restaurants that have kicked in gift certificates, one gym, one salon and boutique that donated a really super nice purse, one bowling alley, one barbershop that actually gave us some actual items instead of coupons, etc, one hairstyle place that donated one male and one female cut and one tattoo shop that donated a flashing light skull for Halloween. 
It's been such a great day, that I am glad I am sooo tired and sleepy.  It all goes towards the proper burial and last wishes of one of our friends.  He was recently diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer that has aggressively spread to his lungs and liver, and which at this point, has no longer been affected by the aggressive chemo medication that they tried.  At this point and time, they are managing his pain and waiting for him to pass.  He is still hanging in there though.  He doesn't want to give up yet.  We want to get the finances in order so that Tyrone and our friend, his fiancee, Kayla can spend time together, just focusing on each other.
I plan to add sooo many craft items to the silent auction, and have several businesses who are going to gather items for us, so I truly believe that we will have a great result.  We will also be hosting a lot of other events as well, so everything should turn out well in the end.  I am sure there will be plenty more long, tiring and weary days ahead, but they will be worth it too.  Whew.  Time to call it a night.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Grape Therapy 4.0

This is how I spent my day yesterday.  : )..  That and finishing laundry.  Trust me, the wine harvest was a lot better than the laundry.  Lol.
 Beautiful, lucious Chambourcin grapes,
just hanging around, waiting patiently to be picked..
 The crates that held another 9,000
pounds of harvested grapes..
 A sunny morning harvest this time,
no rain in sight..
Needless to say, I got a little..
Lol..  And I got stung again..
Those bees get pretty ornery when we want to
pick their delicious, juicy prizes.  Ouch!
"Bzz! Step away from my grape cluster
and put the pruning shears down! Bzz!"
25 people..
9,000 pounds of grapes..
Not too bad at all.
: )..
But the best part of yesterday, was the fact that
it was a wine harvest that occured one year to the
day that one of the owners was having heart surgery.
He has recovered since then.
The grapes that were harvested last year were
sold to another winery.
Fence Stile had one late harvest on November 22nd,
where those who volunteered stuck it out in the frigid
temperatures and huddled inside briefly in front of their
fireplace, sipping mulled wine.
Those grapes were harvested, crushed
and turned into yet another amazing and delicious
wine.  It is called, "Ishq", which is "Love"
in fourteen different languages.
They had to fight hard for the label and the name,
trying to justify why their wine should be called Love.
After a valiant battle, Ishq made it's debut at
the afternoon toast.  It's going to be another one of the
top sellers.
Also, I would love to give William and Shriti a hearty,
much deserved, thank you for their support of the Benefits4Tyrone
fund.  They were the first responders to our cause, and have
gone above and beyond with ideas for helping raise funds.
We are truly thankful and grateful for their generosity and support.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Umm.. Yes, please!

Dutch keeps saying that he wants to build me a hot rod.
I think I have a winner, winner, chicken dinner
hot rod winner.  Lol.
: )..
Technically, that's not a real hot rod.
It's a chopped Peterbuilt semi truck cab
modified into a hot rod.
I like it though!
Very, very nice.
: )..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Silent Auction and Yallapalooza..

Although we didn't get home last night from visiting with friends again until 4:30am, and not getting to sleep until close to 5am, I am up and moving.  Getting ready to take Kayla and stop by as many local businesses around this area as we can, trying to gather as much swag and other silent auction items as we can.  We plan to visit businesses in Claycomo, Liberty and then swing back through North Kansas City.  Each town has a lot of local vendors who will hopefully be willing to help out.

After this morning's work, we had a neighbor give us four tickets to the Yallapalooza concert out in Kansas today.  The show has a couple new country artists, and then has Kix Brooks, Big and Rich and finally Dierks Bentley.  Should be a great way to end the day.  After that?  My sleep might resemble a coma.  I could probably sleep for a week! 

Although!  I am helping out with Fence Stile's grape harvest starting at 8am on Sunday.  : )..  I'll have to sleep and rest up tomorrow evening.  I can do it.  It will allll be worth it though.  Alrighty then!  Let's get this party started!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Missed yesterday.. Whew..

We had friends come up from Hot Springs, AR so we spent the evening and early morning sitting outside on another friend's back porch, enjoying a delicious, light breeze.  We also got to talking with one of our younger friends.  She and her fiancee are going through such a rough time right now.  They had moved from Kansas City to Hot Springs with her mom and step dad a few months ago.  Right before they could start looking for work, Kayla's fiancee, Tyrone started having terrible stomach pains.

After being checked out, he was given the terminal diagnosis of stage four cancer.  His cancer had already spread to his liver and pancreas.  The doctors gave him months to live.  They moved back to KC to be with his friends and siblings.  His parents are already gone, as well as two of his siblings from cancer as well.  Tyrone recently underwent a treatment and came out of it with jaundice.  He is currently in the hospital being treated because his liver and pancreas were both in the process of shutting down, but were caught early enough for treatment to help that.

However, the doctors have dramatically dropped his survival time down to eight or nine weeks.  If that isn't terrible enough, neither Tyrone or Kayla were working, so neither one has any type of benefits.  His medical bills are covered, however, his funeral and burial costs are not.  This is something that has been causing him much undue stress, since he is still trying to fight to live as long as he can.  They are still trying to aggresively treat him, so that it might prolong the end.  He is not ready to give up and let go.

Here in the next few weeks, I will be working with Kayla, her mom Karen and as many of my friends to help raise funds to cover a proper burial for him.  He isn't asking for much, he would like to have a viewing for his friends and family and then cremation.  He wishes to be interred beside his mom in Columbia, MO.  We are going to hold some silent auctions, a possible hotrod cruise to some of our local wineries and possibly a local bingo charity night at one of the bars in North Kansas City.

We stayed up until almost 3:30am brainstorming ideas and talking about what we could do to help.  Tyrone and Kayla are both still so young to be going through this kind of tragedy.  He is 40 and she is still in her early 20's.  She is sticking with him through thick and thin, choosing to stand beside him and fight for his life right along with him.  He has tried to push her away to protect her, but she's not having any of that.  She's in it for the ride.  We want to make the rest of their time together what it should be.  Time together, not worrying about the costs when he is gone.

I have already contacted some of my local wineries, and had already gotten a hearty, "We are in, and will discuss fundraising ideas this weekend" answer in the early morning hours from one of our great wineries.  I have also heard from Debbie at DebbieDoo's Blogging and Blabbing who will allow me to post items that we will be making or putting together for our silent auction and we have also gotten support from one of my wine / margarita mob members to hopefully get the charity Bingo game on.  Thank you for all of our supporters, it is truly and gratefully appreciated.  It means a lot to their family and friends, as well as to Kayla and Tyrone.  Thank you again, and a big thank you to those who will be donating items for our silent auction as well.  Much peace, love and comfort to all involved.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TG for Pandora Radio..

Sometimes, here lately, Pandora is my thin grasp on sanity.
That's ok though, because, one, they have some really great music
and two, I've figured out how to change my situation.  Lol.
Wish me luck.  I really need it.
: )..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Roosters and dogs and trains, oh my!

While the puppies and I were outside enjoying the early morning, we
discovered that one of our neighbors thought that they needed a rooster
in their backyard.  Apparently, their two dogs that are outside all the time,
and the rabbits that they have, weren't enough of a menagerie.  Including
the little black and white flop eared bunny that got loose and was roaming
the neighborhood for about three weeks because no one could catch it.  Lol.

Now, we have chickens, roosters, bunnies, and about 10-15 dogs that live
in the immediate area.  We've got one person who feeds a bunch of cats
as well, so, it's getting pretty crazy.  On top of all that fun, we live between
two train tracks.  This morning, in addition to the rooster, we had an added
bonus of a lady who thought that 7:37am was a great time to walk her dog
in a neighborhood full of loud, barking dogs.  Awesome.  : )..  Oooh the joys
of living in the city.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time for Pin The Tail on the Bloggy.. : ).

DebbieDoo's Blogging and Blabbing and Fox Hollow Cottage have once again teamed up to host a Pin The Tail on the Bloggy Party.  It's such a great idea, pinning posts to Pinterest.  : )..  After much thought, I decided to try something that I hadn't previously seen online.  After spending time at a few of our local craft stores, and venturing into a couple thrift stores, this is what I came up with.
 One thrift store basket for 75 cents.
Lol, the lady asked me if I was going to be
Little Red Riding Hood with it.
Yes.  Why, yes, I am..  : )..
Instead, I painted the basket green,
added my foliage and some grapes
and tossed in a clock for good measure.
One basket, multiple uses.
I have had these fall leaves laying around
for a bit, thought that they would work as well.
Alrighty, I am linking up to the Pin the Tail on the Bloggy
Party that is found here..  Debbie at DebbieDoo's and
Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage have done so
much for new bloggers and crafters, and
we truly appreciate their support and exposure.
They both have such great websites with great ideas as well.  : )..
You should really check them out!

Kansas City welcomes Issac..

Issac has finally arrived, hitting town yesterday afternoon around 1pm.  He's been a very welcome visitor and has helped cool things down.  He has helped to relieve the staggering drought that has plagued us for weeks.  The last time we had over one inch of rain was back around the first of June.  We've had a rain shield blocking us for so long.  The rain has been out there, but amazingly enough, it has all blown north through the Kansas state area instead of coming over to the Missouri area.
Issac has changed all of that.  So far, we've had up to six inches in the Kansas City, MO area.  He shut our Santa-Cali-Gon Days festival down in Independence.  It put a wet spin on the Kansas City Irish Fest down at the Crown Center Plaza, but people put up umbrellas or threw on rain ponchos and partied on.  It rained on the Greaserama Pre-registration party, but of course, Dutch still made it down there until after midnight.  He took the jackwagon (Subara wagon) instead of his hot rod though.  Lol.
Issac is still out there.  I know a couple people, including me, who have stood out in the rain.  It's crazy to stand out there and enjoy getting wet, but lemme tell ya, it's been a pleasure.  Lol.  Issac has a lot of rain left, and every once in a while, he tosses in a delicious, lovely, sorely missed breeze for good measure.  I got significantly drenched last night while taking the puppies out.  They loved it, once they made it off the back porch.  They spent some time playing in the wash that flows through the middle of our yard, Milo thinks it's one long splish splash pool.
Issac is starting to lighten up.  I stood outside with the puppies again this morning.  It was such a nice, light drizzle, that I was hardly feeling the rain.  And the breeze?  Gorgeous.  Amazing.  Delicious.  I love the breeze right before it rains, but apparently, I love the breeze while it's raining as well.  I don't know if it's the thought that Issac came from the ocean, rolled through the Carribean, brushed the Florida Keys, blew across the Gulf of Mexico and slowly swirled up the coast through New Orleans, but lemme tell ya.  I loved, loved, loved standing still, enjoying the coastal wetness that swirled around me.  I have found yet another Calgon moment. 
Issac may have left some damage and flooding in New Orleans, and it may have caused a few deaths down in the Carribean, but he is being so sweet to us.  He is such a welcomed visitor.  He is so nice and cool.  He has given us so much in such a little time.  He won't be here much longer, they say he's starting to move out as we speak.  He has a few other places to go before he is done. 
 Hurricane Issac color picture..  : )..
 Pretty impressive..
  Coastal storm surge..
Issac starting to come to town..
Issac standing on our back porch last night..
Some localized flooding from Issac..
And finally Santa-Cali-Gon Days before it was shut down
due to high winds last night..
 If you look close enough, you can see how
Issac's rain is coming down at a slant, starting
from the top left to the lower right,
instead of our usual straight wet rain.  : )..
I'm thinkin, there has to be a lot of wind
for it to blow rain sideways.  Lol.
Alrighty. I had better take the pups out to enjoy
some more before he is gone. Cya!