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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Donations and auctions and tickets, oh my!

Gotta lot more donations today, three were ones that we had been told to check back.  Score!  We got a great Miller Lite Bear mirror from The Man Cave Decor shop, a great gift basket from BBQ Fans with some BBQ sauce, a spice rub, a meat thermometer and a cool wooden keychain with their company name and phone number.  : )..  That's pretty cool if ya ask me.  Great promo item.  Great basket too!  And then, we got an awesomely unexpected, super, duper amazing cash donation from one of our local bars.  It was more than what we expected and we are truly thankful for One Eyed Jacks donation.  The items are partially loaded, between a password snafu, slooooooow loading pictures, craft making, pizza eating fun, we got some of those super great items up and rollin.  Hey!  We even got our first online bid!  How awesome is that?   Now we need more.  I will post the link ASAP.  Last but not least, Kansas City has a Monsters of Mock concert tomorrow night which features cover / tribute bands of AC/DC, Kiss, Poison and Mötley Crüe.  We were given 56 to try and see if we couldn't get some donations in return for them.  I think it would have been easier selling a pile of snow to Eskimos.  Everyone, and I do mean everybody already has a stack if them.  Lol.  We couldn't trip over a rock and not find someone lol.   Alrighty, time to rest, early day tomorrow.  Whew!

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