Just a few rambling thoughts and crafts from a mind that is full of both. I am talented in my mind but regularly run full throttle into the wall of procrastination. I have raised procrastination to an art form. A friend once told me I have a BS in BS and a minor in excuse making. If there is anyway to get out of doing my best, I will do my best to get out of it. Welcome to my saburban life. : ).. Lol.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introducing a puppy to an aggressive dog.. Lol..

Soo, I guess really, it's not much of a secret, lol, except on Facebook right now.  We are getting a new little Cairn puppy this Saturday.  Just by luck, I finally found one Cairn listed in the KC paper this weekend and called to find more information about him.  He's around 11 weeks old, cute, AKC registerable and was selling for $400.  I asked where they were located and was told they are in Excelsior Springs, MO, just a hop, skip and a jump from us.  Hey!  I told the person, "That's where we got Auntie Em, from Judy..." To which she replied, "This IS Judy!"  Whut?!  Lol.  What are the chances?  I'm guessing fairly good since it happened.  We are getting one of Emmy's younger sister's pups. 

Judy said that he is cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, and that he looks just like Emmy did when she was a baby.  Thinks he is going to be just like her when he grows up, which is fine with us!  : )..  She is knocking $50 off since we've already bought from her once.  And Emmy gets to go see her Momma Judy and Momma Chrissy again.  I think Emmy will adapt to the new pup fairly well.  Milo?  He's going to be a whole new ball of wax!

Soo, I spent a little time on here googling how to introduce a new puppy to an aggressive older dog and found some great ideas.  One is to have both of them in separate crates and let them sniff each other until both of them are calm and ok with each other.  It also says not to yell at your older, aggressive dog if they react to the new puppy.  I think the crate idea is going to work best.  I think we will take our big kennel with us in the back of the Subaru and put Milo in it and then take the smaller crate and put "Fergus" in it (I can't tell if I'm winning the Fergus battle yet.  Lol.) for the ride back home. 

Milo never spent much time in the kennel when he was a baby.  He only spent a couple nights in the smaller one before I let him out to sleep on the bed with us.  I don't know how well he is going to adapt to the new pup, especially when it comes to sharing a bed with us, but hopefully he will ease into it.  We will still shower Milo with attention so that he knows that he's not losing his people to the interloper.  The websites all said to give the aggressive dog the first attention when we come back in, the first treats, the first feeding, etc.  I'm hoping this will go well.  From the looks of the internet, it can be done.  : )..  Yay!  I can't wait for Saturday!  : )..  Woot!

By the way, here are some cute Emmy puppy pictures to tide us over in the meantime..
 Aww.  One of my faves.
 I still can't believe she waited that long for this picture.
 First night home, she was a little over 6 weeks old.
 One of my absolute favorite pictures of her ever..  : )..  Lol..
I usually don't take pictures that turn out that well.  Ha!
Second night in our home.
She was furrocious!
A little ratter hard at work!
Whatta cutie!  I can't wait until
Fergus is here!  : )..

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I can't wait for Saturday! Woohoo!

Shhh.  It's a secret.  Something will be here that is small, just a little bit bigger than a breadbox.  Brownish-tanish.  Looks like something we already have in the house that got bigger and crankier.  It's actually related to something that we already have in the house that got bigger and crankier.  I can't wait until it's here!  I'm going to love it and hug it and call it George.  Nah.  Actually if I have my way, I am going to name it Fergus. 

Hmm.  I wonder, wonder, wonder what it is.  Hmm.  Is it a bird?  Nope!  Is it a squirrel?  Nope!  Uh uhh.  Hmm.  What could it be??  What.could.it.be?  Shhh.  It's a secret.  I'll give you one more hint.  It has huge teeth.  I haven't even seen it yet, but I can already tell you and guarantee you!  It has huge teeth.  Trust me on that!  Woot!  Woot!  I can't wait for Saturday!

Speaking of brownish things that we already have in the house that got bigger and crankier and have huge teeth (ha), Milo and Emmy have appointments with Aunt Chelsea to get their hair done today!  Yay!  No more scraggly little puppies!  No more Ernest Borgnine eyebrows!  Yay!  Just two smelly good little Scottish Hooligans that will no doubt find something stinky to roll in once we get home.  Lol. 

We are also stopping by PetSmart for a little..  Umm..  "I am the pack leader" training with one of those little Scottish Hooligans because this next little thing is not a chew toy to be ripped to shreds.  We are going to have a few little lessons that have already begun and have been well received.  Now we just have to add fur and brownish things that get bigger and crankier and have huge teeth into the mix to make sure that we fully understand the concept of be nice and leave it!  Hopefully we can avoid the drop it game.  I have limes at my disposal.  Ha!  I won't hesitate to use them!

Hmm.  I wonder what the surprise might be?  Hmm.  This is going to be a loooong, looooong week.  : )..  Woot! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Band Perry - All Your Life

Another great song, definitely a great way to start an early, early, early, chilly
Monday morning.

Woke up with Milo who wanted to go outside and enjoy the day. We saw birds, kitties, and leaves to bark at, although after telling him, "No barking", he quieted down and silently ran his security detail around the yard, stopping to grab what is left of his ball. He had been holding it down and trying to chew on it a couple days ago, and finally got enough teeth marks in it for the air to fizzle out. Emmy finished it off. It was nothing but a little rubber bowl yesterday morning that has now been shredded into a few pieces outside. Here's a picture of Emmy and Milo playing with a little bit of it this morning.
Yup. They are WIDE awake and full of energy. Me? Not so much.
 Those little black dots? Were something that looked like seagulls?  Not sure if there are other birds that look like them, but that's what they looked like as they flew by. I should have had my other camera.
Alrighty, time to get the day going.  Can we say caffeine? : )..

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lessons learned by a 4.. Err.. 37 year old Firebug...

Alrighty.  Soo.  Perusing Pinterest one day, I ran upon this lovely, interesting little website.
Click Here for the link to the page..
I thought, hmm.  Can that really be done?  Can you really cut glass by wrapping it with
yarn, dipping the yarn in Nail Polish Remover, putting the yarn back on the bottle, setting it
on fire and letting it burn for 30 seconds only to douse it in cold water?
Can that really be done?  I was intrigued.  I was motivated.  I felt like a Mythbuster.
My friend felt fear!  Will she still have eyebrows?!  Will it really work?

Soo.  We set out to try it last Saturday.
Lesson # 1.  Buy Nail Polish Remover with Acetone.
Lesson # 2.  Scratch your head because no matter how many
times we tried it, it just never worked.  We let it burn longer.  Nuthin.  Not even a mark.
Lesson # 3.  A week later..  Check the internet and Pinterest again.
Aha!!!  The magic trick!!!  The missing link!!!

Lesson # 4.  Gather all of your supplies again.
Lesson # 5.  Be very, very careful!  Don't pour Acetone
Nail Polish Remover down the drain and then light the bottle
on fire above it without actually having 911 on speed dial
or someone there who can dial it for you.  Lol. 

Ok.  So it
wasn't quite THAT bad and yes, surprising enough, I DO
still have my eyebrows and a very healthy respect for the
volitility of acetone nail polish remover and fire.  Ha!
And yes, the flame was quickly extinguished since there was
water that flowed out of the faucet because thankfully,
I was trying this at the kitchen sink.  Whew!
(Btw, Dutch was out working on his big truck, he would have freaked out!)

I do have some results though.  Despite my failed attempts last weekend,
I actually succeeded this time!  It does actually work!  It might take
time to perfect this technique, but I don't foresee it being a problem
because my friends and I seem to have quite the wine bottle collection going.

Here are some of the items needed.
 All you need are Nail Polish Remover with
Acetone, yarn, bottles and matches or a lighter..
 Tie your string around the bottle where
you want the cut to be..
 Slide the yarn off and soak it in acetone,
I used a cut up blue solo cup (ha!
take that Toby Keith!).
 Slide the soaked yarn back on where
you want the cut to be again..
Light it on fire, ** make sure that you
are tipping the bottle slightly so that
the heat will remain in the bottle **
(that was the missing link)
let it burn for at least 30 seconds
or another tip was to let it go until
the string stopped burning..
And then plunge it in cold water.
Crack!  It worked!  Twice!

But, unfortunately, this was my second
successful attempt.  I think I kept the
bottle tipped too much.
Here was my first successful shot at it
which was moderately more successful.
Again, I think I tipped the bottle too
much.  I only let this one burn about
30 seconds.  I let the green one burn
itself out, which was closer to a minute.

Even though it's not a success yet, and I still have to fiddle with the results,
I can confidently say, this really does work!  Awesome!  Oooh the possibilities!
I can't wait to try bottle cutting again!  I will succeed!  : )..  Woot!

** Addendum **
I will definitely be limiting the bottle cutting to a bottle cutting tool.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Truck shows, Open Bars and Magicians.. Oh My!

Soo, last night, one of our friends employer had an open house to promote how well they build trucks and add items to them such as pumps, and something, something, something....  Sorry Wayne, I got a little fuzzy there.  Lol.  I know you weld very well, but I couldn't tell ya what all you told me about what all you did to your truck.  Please forgive me, you could tell me again and I would still be fuzzy.  It looked great though!  : )..  Ha!

The event was catered by a deli in town called Cuppertini's.  They had some delicious open buffet food set up with all kinds of deli meats and cheeses and crackers and fruit and an open bar to boot.
Soo, back to the magician.  He was pretty funny and pretty good.  : )..  He had a few tricks that I am sure I know how he did them, but that's ok, he was still great at doing them.  And he was amusing, so I got to kill a lot of time while people milled around large trucks, drinking and getting snockered.  I had one little chardonnay spritzer and then a couple straight Sprites.  Woot.  Our magician ended up encountering my dh and barely escaped unscathed.  Lol.  He made the mistake of asking him to write a name down on a card, either a person's first name or a pet's name while he walked away and stood with his back to us.  Here is what he came up with.  By the way, I'm done with callin my dh my dh.  His nickname is Dutch so, ha, those who worry that I put too much information on my fb or blog be warned, don't worry, it's not his actual first name so I'm going to drop the "dh" (which always made me roll my eyes anyway) and just use "Dutch" from now on.

Todd, the "Magician Dude" was pretty close.
I told him, Dutch's C looked more like an "L" and
probably threw him off.  : )..

All in all, it was an interesting way to spend the evening.
I'm revisiting the Ladoga Ridge Winery with a few friends this
afternoon, hopefully it will be a very nice day, heard it's supposed
to be around 70 degrees and I'm thinking that means "Picnic" with
my friend Jeanie and her bottomless picnic basket?  Woot.
I'm in for some more delicious ChocoCherry Kiss wine.  For sure!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Po'Girl - Take the Long Way

This is still my favorite song right now. Woke up thinking about it.
It is sooo sweet. Havin a little late morning, going into work about an
hour late today.

The Aubrey Daniels training yesterday was good, lol, pizza from the
cafeteria, but it was pretty darn good, so that's ok. : ).. My group that
I ended up with (they split our training class into groups of five ppl),
consists of my previous manager that I worked with when I was still
a Training Assistant, one of the floor managers that I helped to train,
one of our Team Leads who has been an awesome supporter of all things
Jan when Jan has been stressed by her work duties (thanks, Beth! You
rock!), and another floor manager that I haven't had the chance to
work with before. This should be a great group.

We are the "Seeds of Synergy". It will be an ongoing group that will
attempt to collaborate with others to improve the moral of our
co-workers. Great concept, great idea and guaranteed to get great
results. We have "homework" which consists of finding one person
to apply our training skills and watch it work. This should be fun!
I have an idea of who I am going to choose! : ).. Looking forward to
getting this rollin! Woot! Alrighty, ready to get this day started!

(And ha!  I beat YouTube.  I shared and embedded my song this time.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meeting fun.. Yay! : )..

One more early, early, eaaarly day to go.  Whew.  I can make it!  Yay!  I get to do an "early in / early out" today.  Probably doing the second phase of the QA Rollout training this morning, yesterday's went really well.  Today's presentation is the fun one where they get to hear the actual calls we have saved.  Some are kind of funny and "shocking", such as the one where one of our operator's (I work at ADT, btw) called a jewelry store and had someone answer the phone.  When she asked for the password, the male said, "Yeah, well, I'm robbin the joint and it's ok because I'll be gone by the time the police get here."  Nice.  And yup, that was a real call.  Kind of lets our training class know not to be surprised and stymied if something like that should ever happen to them on a call.

However, yay, after having two of my QA co-workers go through the Aubrey Daniel's training that I was super dreading yesterday, I have found out a couple great, great, great things!  There is NO role play!  Yay!!!  Joy of joys!!  No role play!  They said it was sooo chock full of other information that there was literally, no time for role plays and that they really enjoyed the training presentation.  Without role plays?  I am alll for it.  It is supposed to be pushing us into a more customer experience, teaching, mentoring philosophy instead of a check list type program where we monitor whether our operators said everything that they had to say.  We've been trying to get this done for a while now, but yay, we are finally several steps closer to it.  Another thing?  Yay!  We have salad from the cafeteria, including their salad dressing, but!  The catered in lunch?  Was pizza from an outside source yesterday.  Yay!  Not that our cafeteria is bad, mind you, eh, they have some really good meals at times (like the Philly on Texas Toast, yum!), but it's kind of "Had that, been there" kind of a dealio.

So.  My day should go sooo much better, including the fact that I will get to leave shortly after the training is over instead of my usual 6:30pm.  Yay!  : )..  I actually got a fairly good amount of sleep last night, so that's a good thing!  Awesome.  Previous training programs and a severe lack of sleep for me have never been good.  Lol.  I'll leave it at that.  Alrighty!  Finally.  Let's get this day started!  Woot!

I am ready for the day!
(Yesterday = "Oh, you have money coming back..
Ugh..  But I guess you knew that already."
Yup.  I knew that.  They don't come after you if
they owe you.  April 15th doesn't scare me.")

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fun Day.. Yay.. : )..

Tomorrow, right after the second part of the QA roll out, I get to have an "optional" hour lunch, which I am sure is ADT speak for "unpaid" that will be "catered" in, which I am sure is ADT speak for food sent up from our "Buffer Zone" cafeteria.  Yum.  Lol.  Then.  Ugh.  Really?  : (.. 

I will have four hours of an Aubrey Daniels "Customer Experience" training session that will undoubtably be (ugh!!  noooo!!) chock full of role plays and (whut?) "homework".  I think I would rather be tarred and feathered and rolled in goo than role play.  I mean, c'mon.  We are adults.  I really think that we can grasp and fully understand concepts and we don't have to "role play".  : (..  : (..  : (..  Ugh.  At least it's only one day.  For four long, long, long hours.  Ugh.  I'm sure our new approach to things will be a great new philosophy, I just wish we didn't have to act it out.

Alrighty.  Let's get this day started!
I wish I knew if the problem between Blogger and YouTube was an issue with me,
or if everyone is having trouble with it.  Seems like everytime I try and add a
video from YouTube, all I get is a searching circle that will never find anything.
Soo, my apologies, I will have to add links until I (or Blogger and YouTube)
get it figured out.  Lol.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Modge Podge to the rescue.. : )..

I hit a little roadblock / snag in my other craft idea but I have not given up yet.  I will succeed!  By gosh!  It may take me a little time and some more head scratching, but by gosh!  I will make it work.  Here is a little something that I had found on a website somewhere in blogland a couple years ago.  Great idea.  I loved the look..  This was back in the days before I knew how to save links, so I do apologize to the website that I won't be able to credit.  Just know, if you see this and it was your work, I really loved it!  : )..

I have always loved the Fleur de lis.
So here is my version.
I do actually have a candle in there,
but it's too small to really put off any light right now.
I will be fixing that as well.  : )..

Here are the updated pics with a little bling for my thing..

Of course, lol, did I pick up a different candle?
Nooo.  Of course not!  Ha!
Another day, another day.
: )..

I am linking up to DebbieDoo's Newbie Party.
She has a lot of great work on her blog,
including a fantastic redo of her son's
bedroom!  And she has a lot of great, crafty
bloggers who join in on the party fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ugh.. It is a Monday.. Well.. Technically my Tuesday? : )..

Soo, technically, I have skipped my "Monday" and am on an extended "Tuesday" since I worked a shift at the group home yesterday.  I looove getting to skip Monday.  Works for me, cause I was all about this a few minutes ago...
Not that I was in a bad mood about Monday, that's just how much energy I could muster.  Lol.

But then I was visited by something like this who gave me a couple puppy kisses and a little bit of momma time and I was feelin a little better. : ).. Click here for the link for that picture..
  I had planned on doing something similar to this as my crafty project this weekend, but am stymied for a minute because the bottle cutting project has hit a few snags and I haven't quite figured them out yet. I lit it on fire like it was supposed to, and surprisingly, lol, my friend and I still have all of our eyebrows. Ha! We (or she at times) were debating whether we would make it through it in tact. : )..
That was what my "touch" item would have been used for. I have an alternate project that I am going to make until I can iron out my snags.
Alrighty.  Time to face the day.  Woot!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can you hear me now?

Soo, last night, after getting back from the winery, I tried making a couple phone calls.  I could hear people, but, they couldn't hear me.  Mmm.  Alrighty then.  I'm tellin ya.  That iphone was dying bit by bit by bit.  One application at a time.  And now?  I don't know what it's problem was.  Solution?  Aha! 

We stopped by the Verizon store and looked to see what kind of service package we could get and what kinds of phones were available.  Looked at the iphones there, and then looked at the Droid Razor.  It had a great screen on it, with a waving American Flag graphic on it.  However, we decided that we didn't need to learn how to work a new phone.  Verizon didn't have a plan that matched our AT&T one, so we cruised over across the street to the AT&T store. 

Didn't take long and we walked out with two brand new, spankin hot rod iPhone 4s.  The pictures are crystal clear.  They take videos, although I haven't had the chance to try it yet.  I was called in to work at the group home this evening because they were short handed.  I brought my new phone, but forgot the charger.  No worries though, I still have my phone charger that works with it.  All of our chargers are the same for it, so it's all good.

My co-worker told me that there is a magical application in the Apps Store called, "Free Music Downloader".  Thanks Valerie!!  The free version lets me download 10 free songs.  I will have to buy the upgraded version, but the songs on there are legal.  Woot.  : )..  I am a happy gal for sure!  Music?  That I can download?  Awesome!

And best yet, I have my Facebook application back.  Yay.  No more having to open two different links, depending on whether I wanted to see my friend's status or if I wanted to see if there were notifications.  I misssssed my fb app.  I am soo dependant on technology, it's not even funny.  Now?  I have some great technology again.  Hopefully it will last at least two more years. 

We got to keep our existing service plan as well, which is great because a lot of the wireless phone companies will not do an unlimited data plan like the one that I still have.  I use a LOT of wireless data.  A whole lot.  DH barely uses any.  He's had the $15 limited plan for months and hasn't ever gone over it.  I have the unlimited data plan for $30 and am always near 600,000 mega bytes or whatever they are.  I can't ever remember that kind of stuff.  I am sooo not technical. 

Anyway, now I don't have to worry about losing applications for a while.  Or not being able to talk to people over the phone again.  My computer at home was also wiggin out last night.  I think our hub has gone a little wacky.  It kept giving me an error message that there was an unknown USB port being used.  Not sure which one because, again, I am soo not technical.  No worries about that either, I still have one of our old hubs that I can use for now.  Whew.  I had all kinds of crazy technical issues yesterday.  Not so many today.  Yay!!  : )..

These phones are soo much clearer than the last ones..  Wow!
(Yup, he's still shaggy.  For now.  Lol.)
: )..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

ChocoCherry Kiss.. Oooh yeah..

Had a wine tasting and pairing party for my friend at Ladoga Ridge Winery in Smithville, MO today.  Rumors of the ChocoCherry Kiss wine being dee lish us..  have been verified as absolutely, definitely, without a doubt..  True!  Yummmy.  We enjoyed all the wines and delicious food that they served, but then we were rewarded at the end of the visit with a dessert that was definitely worth the wait!  They had a concoction made with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry, but then poured some of the ChocoCherry Kiss wine over it.  It was soo yummy.  : ).. 

We had a great time with some great friends..
We allll took a lotta pictures..
 Lol..  : )..
 Drank a lotta great wines..
And drank more great wines..
Until it was all gone and we were ...  done..
Whatta great way to spend a great day!
: )..
Thanks Ladoga Ridge!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun with the Five Senses..

Eye Candy..

ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ

Ear Candy..
The Be Good Tanya's - "Rain and Snow"
Click here for the link..

The Be Good Tanyas are an amazing group that have been around for a few years.  I don't know why I hadn't heard of them until my Pandora application started playing them on my Suzie Blue channel about a week ago.  I love, love, love their music.  You don't want to miss them!  : )..  I have always loved the sound of a banjo in a group and they are spot on.
Wow..  I have found my next Pandora Channel..  Trish Klein from The Be Good Tanyas formed another band with Allison Russell called Po'Girl..
Click here for my next Pandora song..  Love it.....
(YouTube and Blogger are not playing well together right now so they
get a frowny face for the day. : (..  It wont find the list through Blogger so that I can add a video.)

ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ

VDay roses from dh, given with the caveat that Valentine's Day is still a "Hallmark Holiday
designed to sell flowers, candy and cards."  Lol.  How utterly romantic.  Be still my beating heart...  : )..

ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ

Skinny Cilantro Lime Shrimp
found here..

ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ  ღ

And finally, last but not least..
(It's something I will use with my weekend project..)
Sandpaper...  Hmm..  : )..
(Sadly, that was the best sandpaper pic I could find, lol.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lessons learned by a 4.. err.. 37 year old WalMart shopper..

Soo, I was toolin around in WalMart last night after work and I learned a few things during my time there.  : )..

1. The only time you ever need a cart is when you don't think that you would and really wished you had stopped and grabbed one.  Sorry to shoppers who have abandoned a cart in the back of the store.  Ha! Emo Phillips said it best, "I When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.  (Just kidding, I actually knew I would need one and grabbed one on my way past the corral this time.)

2. WalMart's new exercise program is very effective!  Now where did they move the tortilla chips?  Did I miss the aisle?  Oooh.  Yeah.  They are at the back of the store, right next to where I was earlier, grabbing a huge bag of cat food!  The Walton's are a slick bunch.  That and the fact they are probably betting you will find a few more things to buy on the way back to where you need to be.

3. You don't always get good cell phone coverage and get more exercise from moving around, looking for a signal because you are waiting and waiting and waiting for a call to get scripts re-filled and your on-call doctor takes three pages and the answering service staff to call him directly and transfer him to you.  Hey!  Doesn't WalMart sell cell phone service?  Hmm.  It's not a Verizon stand is it?  Can you hear me now?  Devious!  Lol.

4. You can't always judge a book by it's cover.  I sometimes get cynical that the youth of the world still possess manners and will use them.  It was refreshing to find one young man who still had his manners in tact.  He sat down next to me while I still waited for the doctor's call and opened a small, worn, aged pocket sized book in his hand.  A few minutes later, he asked politely to borrow a pen and we struck up a nice conversation about what was wrong with others and their lack of manners and morals.  We decided that tv and video games were to blame, as well as dumb commercials where society spaces out and then wonders why did we actually sit through a dumb commercial.  There are definitely some stupid ones out there, even if they are funny!  I need a Schticky!  He said the book was his father's and that he has a lot of them.  It was from 1953.  He said that he likes to (Ack!) read books instead of play with apps on cell phones.  I was glad that I didn't have mine going at the time.  : )..  He turned out to be a nice, polite, respectful, smart young whippersnapper.  Nice to find one of those now and then.  It doesn't happen often.

5. Waiting in the pharmacy aisle, sitting across from the 88 cent discount medication and supplies area, I realized, there were some items included there that you might not actually want to skimp on prices and pick the more costly brand.  Ha.  I will leave it at that.

6. WalMart now sells a personal OnStar service called 5Star Urgent Response.  It's a paid service for about $14 a month, where you are never more than a click away from 911 or other various services, such as Ask A Nurse.  Pretty neat if you ask me.  If it is dark, you can call to ask for an escort to your car or from your car to your house.  If you are locked out, it will direct you to a service to help.  If you arrive home and find your door open when it shouldn't...  The list went on and on.  Here's the picture of it...  Lol.  Yeah..  I had a bit of time to kill.

7. And finally.  Last but certainly not least! A watched pot never boils (sadly, I also needed my mother to have told me that they also don't boil if you don't turn the burner on recently.  Ha!  Now why isn't my water getting warm?  Oooh yeah.  Durr.), and a watched pharmacist never rushes.  I was beginning to have flashbacks of "My Name Is Earl" and their Y2K! episode.  : )..  Y2K!  Y2K!  One of my favorites of theirs.  Lol.  It took well over two hours to finally make it out of there with everything in hand.  Whew.  Awesome.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Westminster Kennel Club..

Watched the final last night and lemme tell ya.  Lol.  I am a bad luck jinx to the breeds that I chose!  Wow.  I loved the gorgeous Alaskan Malamute that they had in the working group.  He came in third place in the working group, behind the Doberman Pinscher
and the Boxer
(eh, same as any other boxer).
* Ha!  His tail looks like one of the character balloons that hasn't been
fully inflated yet because his bobbed tail matches up just right with
the WKC's emblem in the background. * 

Check out how absolutely gorgeous this dog was!
His name is GCH Catanyas Latin Lover.
Wow.  Tell me that dog deserved third place.  Nah!  Not at all.
Gorgeous!  He would have left the Pekingese Best in Show winner moppin the floor.
 CH Palacegarden Malachy..
I rest my case.  Lol.

I started rooting for the little Doxie in the final..
He didn't win either.  Lol.  I am a breeder's jinx.
Sorry!  : /.

So, our favorite group was the Terriers.  Naturally.
Love the Cairn Terriers of course, but I have always wanted a Norwich Terrier
like one of these..

 Cute!  Cute!  Cute!
(And my pick of the two if I could get one.
Who could resist a face like that?!
Not me!)
Or a Norfolk Terrier like one of these..

I googled to see if any puppies were available in our
area..  There is a breeder in Kansas who will have
Norwich Terriers available in April.  Hmm.
Plenty time to prepare for another pup.
: )..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just a little fun for the day..

 Always loved the song, woke up in time to catch the
movie with Sandra Bullock and Tatum O'Neal..
Very apropos that I had already whipped up my
Love Potions last night..
Here is a couple that must not need Love Potions..
Ahh.  Young Love.  : )..
Wishing you all the same...

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