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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cottage Cheese and Tomato? Looks Great!

If you all are like me, I get tired of the same old food ideas..
This looks pretty great though!
It's a Cottage Cheese and Tomato treat.
Click Here for the recipe..


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Crazy Times For Sure!

It's been crazy here lately.
Crazy busy.
Crazy Crazy Crazy.
Royals Crazy for a while.
Go Royals!
After a fantastic playoff run,
our guys won the crown.
Kansas City and the surrounding
areas went Royally crazy.
How crazy you say?

Yup!  That crazy!
I grew up on the St. Louis Cardinal side of Missouri
but I missed getting to be IN the city when
our team won.  This time?  I was right there
in the thick of things!
Right here! 
Right behind these people..
Got to see Salvy riding by..
Had a phenomenal time!
It was crazy to be a part of something
so amazing and special!
They said there were 800,000 people there.
I think there were 800,000 at the Union Station
Royals Rally which is in the top pics..
I believe there were over 1 million
fans there that day - with plenty more along
the parade route.
Click HERE for the link to the GoPro camera
on Moustakis' truck that day.
Crazy I say.
Wore me out until today.
Go Royals!