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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Crazy Times For Sure!

It's been crazy here lately.
Crazy busy.
Crazy Crazy Crazy.
Royals Crazy for a while.
Go Royals!
After a fantastic playoff run,
our guys won the crown.
Kansas City and the surrounding
areas went Royally crazy.
How crazy you say?

Yup!  That crazy!
I grew up on the St. Louis Cardinal side of Missouri
but I missed getting to be IN the city when
our team won.  This time?  I was right there
in the thick of things!
Right here! 
Right behind these people..
Got to see Salvy riding by..
Had a phenomenal time!
It was crazy to be a part of something
so amazing and special!
They said there were 800,000 people there.
I think there were 800,000 at the Union Station
Royals Rally which is in the top pics..
I believe there were over 1 million
fans there that day - with plenty more along
the parade route.
Click HERE for the link to the GoPro camera
on Moustakis' truck that day.
Crazy I say.
Wore me out until today.
Go Royals!

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