Just a few rambling thoughts and crafts from a mind that is full of both. I am talented in my mind but regularly run full throttle into the wall of procrastination. I have raised procrastination to an art form. A friend once told me I have a BS in BS and a minor in excuse making. If there is anyway to get out of doing my best, I will do my best to get out of it. Welcome to my saburban life. : ).. Lol.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Spaghetti Sauce... Alrighty! With Raisins.. Wait! Whut? Yup!! Raisins!

Growing up, one of my favorite dinners was spaghetti.
My mom used to make the best spaghetti sauce ever.
I found the recipe in her book and have made
it from time to time, but it's been so long
since I made it.

I told the guys I work with that I would make it for
them and so I finally got around to starting it today.

I made some with raisins and some without.
The key is to let it simmer and plump
up the raisins, because the sauce
soaks in and gives the raisins a great saucy taste
and the sauce a great, sweet taste.

I can't wait until lunch.
This house is smelling great.

Add all ingredients and let them simmer for 4-6 hours.
Add some extra water to thin it out if needed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

My Favorite Part of the Zoo... : )..

Survived the zoo on Monday..
Made it even though we
walked around almost the entire
park.  Missed seeing the Tigers and the
Tree Kangaroo areas, but
we ended up getting to see a lot of other
great exhibits instead.
A lot of the animals were taking a breather
and just laying around not doing much..

But then!  There was this great treat!
Stingray Bay!
We got to pet the Stingrays..
I know that a lot of the zoos and
aquariums have this activity now and I'm glad
that the KC Zoo does too.
I realized after petting a few of them,
the longer you leave your hand in the water,
the more stingrays come to greet you.
I think I had about 5-7 lined up in a row just waiting
to cruise by and be pet.
They feel a lot different than what I expected.
Some had hard bodies and some were
super soft and squishy towards their little wings.
 : )..  Lol.
 I absolutely loved it!
And I highly recommend it if y'all ever get the
chance - don't pass it up!!
These little creatures are super duper friendly and sweet!
Check out this great video!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Back.. Again..

Never seem to make it back here very often these days.
Getting ready to enjoy a trip to the Kansas City Zoo tomorrow.
Started looking at some of the animals there
and found some curious ones..

Of course, our favorite is Nakita the Polar Bear..

But there are some cute animals that I
don't remember seeing before..
This one is a Tree Kangaroo..

And this is a "Black-Foot Cat"...

Kinda looks like...
A normal cat?
Definitely not something you
would expect to see at the Zoo..
This should be fun minus all of the walking..
Our zoo is spread out over a large area
and although I've walked the entire zoo before,
I'm not as excited as I once was.  Lol.
There are some animals that I'm like..
Yup.  Seen 'em!
Don't reallllly need to see them again.
I'll hang back with the slower people and take our
time moseying around the front to middle
zoo area..   : )..
Besides!  Most of my favorites are closer
to the front!  Toss in my penguins
that are right next to the Polar Bears and
I'm good!
Spread out for sure!!
And that little spot in between the two big pictures?
It's got a good sized concrete bridge that is over what has
to be about a 50' gulley.  It freaks me out to walk across it..
I am NOT a fan of heights!  ACK!!!
And that swinging bridge? 
I'm ok if I'm on it by myself.
Which is hardly ever..
I think I will skip that area.
Been there and done that several times!
I'm good skipping the Gorillas!
: )..

Catch ya later..
Gotta make some Rotel,
Taquitos and Pizza Rolls for our
Kansas City Chiefs party at work today!
Go Chiefs!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Another long break from my blog..

Been crazy busy around here lately..

My mother in law moved to Fort Meyers, Florida
at the end of April and we ended up
inheriting several bits of furniture before she left,
which I truly appreciate!  : )..
I don't blame her for moving down there,
you sure wouldn't have to twist my arm!!
Sun?  Sand?  The Gulf of Mexico?
She's living with my brother in law and his wife
in a senior gated community close to the beach..
I've always said I wanted to end up somewhere
coastal and this looks like a great place!
Humidity?  We have it too.
Big bugs?  Yikes!  Sprays!  Electric flyswatters?
Bug zappers?  : )..  I could still make it work!

Started a new healthy lifestyle program at
work and did really well at first.
I was on a roll eating the Fold It Flatout wraps
with turkey bacon (nuke it in the microwave for two minutes!)
for breakfast and making some deeeelicious
and healthy lunch pizzas with the same wraps in the
air fryer.  I would add a little pizza sauce, a couple
pieces of turkey bacon, veggies and a little cheese and cook
them for about 5 minutes in our Power Fryer XL
where they came out nice and crispy and
amazing.  I dropped 8 pounds in three weeks.
Until I started stress eating...
I have always said that I have a split personality and
her name is Aunt Dorine.  However, there have been times here
lately where I've been SOOOOO irritated that I found out
SHE has a split personality named, "Aunt Dayum!!!"
She needs chocolate to soothe her irritability.  : )..
Whodathunkit?  "Aunt Dayum!!!" has a split personality
named, "Aunt Dammit!"
She requires shrimp or pizza.
If you could make a shrimp pizza?
That would be great!
Just put it on the table quietly and slide it over!
So now you might understand why I started
stress eating.  Lol.  Whew.
Good news though!!
Lives have been saved with chocolate, shrimp and pizza.

On another note..  We have battled house mice for about
five years.  Battled being a subjective term.
More like lost the battle.
Someone warned us - Don't put brush up against your
house because you will end up with mice.
Pfffft.  Whatever.
Be warned.
DON'T put brush up against your house.
Mice will get in.
And never get out.
Never ever.
If you see one?  It's too late.  You have more.
Trust us.
Hubs finally decided to put out a gob of mouse poison
and put one little chunk under one of our appliances.
We think a mouse must have pushed it back out
and our youngest dog was playing with it until my hubs
tried to get it from him - and the dog ate it.
I got Fergus to the emergency vet's office within the hour
and they made him toss his cookies and a fairly good sized chunk
of the poison tablet.  They gave him charcoal and some Vitamin K1 and
sent us on our way in exchange for a huge vet bill.
Fergus is still doing alright but is still taking Vitamin K1 just in case.

After that, I decided to try some of the little
Victor Pest Chaser Plug Ins.  They are expensive,
it's $18 for a set of three plug ins at Walmart.
I bought four packs.
I put one plug in in every room of our house.
I have not seen one mouse since then!
Hubs says it's because of the poison.
Not one mouse since April 2nd.
We used to have four or five of them running around upstairs
and in the basement at any given time.
They were starting to become used to us as well,
and almost friendly.  One was hanging out
on the couch with my hubs one day like,
"Hey.  'Sup?"
I plugged these in and all of a sudden!!
The mice were gone!
They packed their ditty bags and left the building.
I've had better luck finding Elvis!
These little doo dads?
They are AMAZING!!!!!
If you have mice and you don't want them???
I HIGHLY recommend these!!
No poison! No poisoned pets!
No muss!  No fuss!
No dead, smelly mice!
Zero mice.
Five years.
Five whole years.
Gone after plugging these in.
I cannot say enough about these plug ins.
Trick is to get enough to cover every area in your house.
They work.  And they work very well!
No mice.
Well - lemme digress for a moment.
I didn't plug any in the garage.
I tried selling some Hempworx CBD Oil products a while ago.
I had six packages of dog cookies.
I didn't want the house mice to get them so.....
I put them in the garage.
Where I didn't plug any of these doo dads in.
Guess what happened?
Our garage mice ate every single cookie.
Every.  Single.  Cookie.
I'm guessing the garage mice are feeling pretty good
right about now.  Talk about Mighty Mouse!
Thankfully - I haven't seen any out there.
Guess where I'm going to plug these boogers next?

And finally - over the lull in posting..
I have de-cluttered every room in our house
in the attempt to combat the mouse issue along the way.
We got rid of all kinds of things that have accumulated
since we moved into our house over ten years ago.
You never know how much stuff you have
until you have to do something with it.  Yikes! 
It wore me out!!
I'm trying to accomplish this..

And feel like I'm doing this.

* My hubs thinks so too *
* He swears I could be on the Hoarders show - but I'm not that bad
and in the meantime?  He has a garage full of car parts, tools, automotive
accessories and should we mention?  We have seven vehicles?
Literally - A Blazer, a Saab 9-3, a Dodge Ram, a TBucket Hot Rod that
somehow drove itself to St. Louis and got a parking ticket while we
thought it was in our garage for the past 2 years (lol), two Subaru Outbacks
and one Subaru Forrester.  And I'M the "hoarder"?  ; )..*

But honestly I'm like this..
Just kidding.  I have eaten a lot of the veggies.
: )..  Yummy!

And finally.
Somewhere in all this time.
I turned 600 months old.
2609 weeks.
18,262 days old.
438,291 hours.
26,297,460 minutes and
1,577,847,600 seconds old.
I hit my 5th decade.
I fought 40 with a vengeance.
I figure if Jennifer Anniston, JLo, Eva LaRue and a whole
host of others have made it past 50, so can I.


Oh AND the Blues won the Stanley Cup!!!
Way to go St Louis!!!!
Until next time..

: )..

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Five Month Absence? Wow..

It's been quite a while since I've blogged on here.
I did start a small Facebook version of
My Suburban Life though 
in the meantime.  It's been a while since I posted there too.  Lol.

Lots of things happened in the interim.
More work.
A craft fair with bath bombs this time.
More work.
Auntie Em got sick with Pancreatitis and we lost
her shortly after she came home from the
vets office.  She passed away one day
after her 9th birthday.
Work - missing Emmy.
Work - missing Emmy.
Work - missing Emmy.
The boys know it's quiet in the house but seem
to be doing ok otherwise.  They miss Em too.

And finally - we've come full circle to the time
where I started my blogs.

Here is the post that started it all on Milo's blog

Just another crazy day.

It all started at 7am yesterday morning. My momma was blissfully sleeping with me at the foot of the bed, keeping watch over her.  She was totally unaware of the chaos that was about to ensue.

Chirp!  Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! My sister, Auntie Em, or Emmy as we fondly call her, and I immediately sprung into action!  My momma's in danger!  Stop!  Who goes there?!  Halt!  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!  Emmy waivered and decided to hide under the bed.  I, however, am on the job!  I jumped off the bed and raced to the front door.  No one gets past me!  You should see vat I do to bears and beavers!  Grrr.

No one was there.  I patrolled the hall.  Nothing there either.  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! "Calm down, Milo, it's just the battery in the smoke detector downstairs."  Oh.  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!  I'm not so sure. 

She went to get a new battery and returned.  She put it in.  Silence.  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! "What the..." she asked.  Don't worry, momma, I've got it covered!  She called the people at her work.  After looking for a hush button and not finding one, she took the smoke detector down.  I watched, fascinated, barking occasionally at each chirp.  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! She unhooked the alarm system.  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!  She started upstairs and I followed, bound and determined to save her from impending doom.

She tried pulling the attic door, screamed (I was there!  in a flash!) and let it slam shut.  A huge spider fell out and ran across the floor.  I like spiders, but that one was HUGE!  I don't know how he fit through that door!  Well, alright, it wasn't THAT big, but he was huge!  She killed him with a shoe, saying, "ughhgh" all the time.  He's not dead yet!!  His leg is detached and twitching!  Ack!  Kill it!  Kill it!  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!

By this time, we know there has to be another smoke detector somewhere, but daddy's still sleeping.  How can he sleep through all of this?  There is something dangerous in the house!  Is it a bear?  I can handle bears.  Is it a beaver?  I've got them covered too.  Squirrel?  I'm on it!  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!

Daddy finally gets up and comes upstairs.  After a few minutes, momma has a flashlight in hand, and finally discovers that it is only an old, dying carbon monoxide detector that keeps chirping.  Chirp! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!  Wheee!  e  e  e  e....  It squealed when she took it out of the wall and then finally.  Silence.  Chirp?  Nope.  Silence.  Blissful, beautiful silence.  Ahh..  Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!  Squirrel!

Our Carbon Monoxide detector has been chirping non-stop at us 
for the last few days.  It's been seven whole years since we
bought one.  And it's been seven whole years since I started my poor, 
neglected, sparse blog.  Lol.  I promise to get back to it soon.
But!  That's what I keep saying about swimming too!
Speaking of swimming!  I think I'm about to go.
Thankfully even though there is snow
on the ground outside (ick! I hate snow)
I still have 24/7 access to an indoor pool at one of
our local hospitals.  It's been a couple months
since I went the last time soooo,
I would say it's about time that I get back in there.
: )..

Saturday, June 23, 2018

4 month absence? Wow! That time flew by!!

It's been a crazy, hectic four months.
We are losing two more of our group homes at work
and I've been temporarily reassigned to one of them because
all of their day shift staff quit.  It's coming to a close
on July 1st though so I will finally be back at my
old group home and closer to where I live.
Can't wait, although it's only 7 miles right now to work,
it will be 2.5 miles soon.  It's also in a better area
so that will be nice.

I also got back to swimming again.
Dropped out of the North Kansas City Hospital's
Health and Fitness Center / Pool program from November
last year until this month.  I love swimming but with
everything going on, it's been too hectic to even
try to get back over there.  That's an additional
10 miles one way to the pool.
It's definitely worth it though!
$24 a month, we get 24/7 access to the
fitness center and the pool.
Can't beat that!!

I can't even begin to describe how much I love
getting to swim again.  I swear that I am
definitely a mermaid at heart.
Not only do I love them,
I drink like a fish at times.  Mostly water.
Sometimes wine.  Lol.

What mermaid / swimmer wouldn't love to be
able to listen to their music while floating
peacefully in the pool?
I sure love it.
I get people asking me about my little
MP3 player allllll the time.
It's truly a God Send!
I looked around on Amazon and finally found
one that had better reviews than most of the
other waterproof items.

It's from Underwater Audio and let me tell you!
Not only is their product fantastic and super easy to use,
but their customer service is phenomenal.
I had dropped my player a couple times,
which I'm sure isn't very good for them,
and I had left it on a charger too long a couple times too.

My first shuffle stopped charging and went to a permanent
red light, which the customer service rep verified was the light of death on them.
They sent me all of the instructions to return my defective
player and once I had a tracking number, they immediately sent
out my replacement shuffle.  How great is that?
It comes in some super great colors and it's super duper
cute!  It comes with a sticky goo to help the earbuds that
come with it stay in your ears, but I ended up buying
another set of waterproof headphones that not only stick up into
the ear canal, but they have a wire that flips over and then
behind your ear.  They come in several different colors too!

The IPod Shuffle is easy to charge, usually takes less than an hour,
depending on how low you let it run.  It's also super, duper easy
to load with music.  Just open ITunes and click on the IPod Shuffle
on the screen and then click Music, Sync and voila!  It loads it
quickly and away you can go.  You can use it in or out of the
water.  I do both at times.  It has a great clip on the back
that really holds onto whatever clothes you clip it to.
It's small and sometimes I tend to drop things (I've never had
much strength / grip with my hands), but if it's got the headphones
plugged in, I can catch it before it falls.
It's got a shuffle or non shuffle feature so you can choose
how to listen to your playlist.  It also stores quite a bit
of music and although I have gotten the "Low Battery"
voice warning a couple times (mostly because I didn't let it charge
all the way), I haven't ever had either shuffle run out of
power and shut off.  I usually swim for an hour and usually
charge it each time before I go.  I don't always go every single
day, sometimes there are a day or two in between trips to
the pool.

If you love swimming, especially if you love doing laps,
let me tell you!  This is the waterproof MP3 player
that you need. You will be the
envy of the other swimmers as you glide by, drowning out any and all
noise and jamming on your own great music choices!
It's well worth the money!  Best money I've spent in a long time!
I love it, love it, love it!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Shrimp? Yeah Buddy!!

I love shrimp.
I think that I've mentioned that before.
But, just in case I haven't,
I loooooove shrimp.
I love Shrimp Scampi.
I love Shrimp Chimichangas.
I love grilled shrimp.
I love garlic shrimp.
I am starting to sound like
Bubba from Forrest Gump.
It's safe to say,
that I love me some shrimp.

So, looking online today,
there is another posting for some easy
sheet pan recipes and one of them
just happens to be..  Shrimp.

Count me in!
Easy peasy!
Sounds delicious!
Looks amazing.
It's what's for dinner.
: )..

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Chili.. With Brown Sugar.. Over Cornbread? Oh yeah!

I have always loved Chili and it's always a quick
go to meal for cold weather days.
My boss got me started on chili
with Brown Sugar, served
over warm cornbread.

My easy peasy chili recipe is now:
Browned hamburger with onion,
1 can of chili beans,
1 can of diced tomatoes,
1 can of tomato sauce,
some chili powder,
(I usually just eyeball it)
salt and pepper to taste
and then a few clumps of
Brown Sugar stirred in.
I follow my Jiffy Cornbread mix
and break it up and ladle
that delicious
brown sugar laced chili over it.

Ohhhhh my. 
Best chili ever.
: )..
The Brown Sugar
and Cornbread
really makes the taste pop.
I will never eat plain
chili ever again.
Bon Appetite!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cookie Dough Marshmallow Fluff.. Wait! Whut?!

Oooh my!
Cookie Dough..
Made by Toasted Mallow..

It's Cookie Dough Toasted Marshmallow Fluff..
For real..
Yes Please!!

I'm thinking about adding it to a milkshake
kinda like the Toasted Marshmallow
milkshake a few posts ago..
Click Here for that link..

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hi! My name is Jan.. (Hi Jan!)..

Dang informercials!
Anyone who knows me in the slightest,
knows that I can't pass up on
an informercial product.
I really do need Informercial Anonymous
because I'm addicted to the products..
I have a Schticky!
I have some Perfect Portions bowls..
I have..  Well..  I have several
products from the,
"As seen on TV" era.

Some of these products work, eh..  Ok..
Some of these products work great!
Now?  Now I found one that I
will keep for quite some time to come.

One of my co-workers mentioned
that she had an Air Fryer that made some
really great things.  Chicken Wings!
I loooove chicken wings!
Crispy French Fries!
I loooove crispy French fries!

One day..
While relaxing in front of the tv..
I happened to run onto the
Power XL Air Fryer
That's all it took.
It makes Bloomin' Onions!
I loooove Bloomin Onions!
And it cuts them from 1950 calories
down to 380.  Can't beat that.
It makes empanadas!
Oooooh..  I could eat empanadas
for days!!
It makes Stomboli.
I could definitely try some of that!
It makes Mozzarella Sticks!
I loooove those!
Ooooh the possibilities are
endless for what you can make
in one of these little air fryer doo dads..

Yeah.  My hubs will undoubtedly
roll his eyes and fuss about yet,
"another kitchen gadget".
The money that it will save us from
having to eat out at restaurants because
it's easier to do that than cook
paid for this alone.
The cost of gas, having to drive
any where in our town (which is pretty big),
fight traffic, fight crowds,
wait for food to be delivered,
and tipping like we've got a lot to spend
(I generally try to tip at least $5 each time)?
All taken care of in one neat
little package.
And cleaning up?
Pfft!  Easy Peasy!
Any one that knows me in the slightest,
knows that I am allll for the Easy Peasy
stuff as well.  It's got a non-stick
basket that has not only not stuck
to anything (including cheese),
but it's been a cinch to clean!

I cooked Toasted Ravioli because,
well, I looooove Toasted Ravioli..
I cooked bacon for BLT's last night to go
with some delicious locally grown tomatoes..
And I cooked some Sweet Potato
Tator Tots because, well..
Everyone that knows me in the slightest,
knows just how much I
loooooooooooooooove Sweet Potatoes.
I also made some Crab Rangoon,
guess what?  Another fave!
And finally..

I made these.
Ooooh my.
What are those?
Those are Spring Roll Cheeseburger Wraps..
Those are sooooo delicious!

I'm telling you.
I may never have to eat at a restaurant ever again..
Easy peasy!  Good but not greasy!

Here's the link to the Power XL Air Fryer

Right now they are running a great deal,
buy one Fryer, get another for half price,
plus free shipping and $100 in
grocery coupons.  Now that's a heck of a deal!