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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kansas City welcomes Issac..

Issac has finally arrived, hitting town yesterday afternoon around 1pm.  He's been a very welcome visitor and has helped cool things down.  He has helped to relieve the staggering drought that has plagued us for weeks.  The last time we had over one inch of rain was back around the first of June.  We've had a rain shield blocking us for so long.  The rain has been out there, but amazingly enough, it has all blown north through the Kansas state area instead of coming over to the Missouri area.
Issac has changed all of that.  So far, we've had up to six inches in the Kansas City, MO area.  He shut our Santa-Cali-Gon Days festival down in Independence.  It put a wet spin on the Kansas City Irish Fest down at the Crown Center Plaza, but people put up umbrellas or threw on rain ponchos and partied on.  It rained on the Greaserama Pre-registration party, but of course, Dutch still made it down there until after midnight.  He took the jackwagon (Subara wagon) instead of his hot rod though.  Lol.
Issac is still out there.  I know a couple people, including me, who have stood out in the rain.  It's crazy to stand out there and enjoy getting wet, but lemme tell ya, it's been a pleasure.  Lol.  Issac has a lot of rain left, and every once in a while, he tosses in a delicious, lovely, sorely missed breeze for good measure.  I got significantly drenched last night while taking the puppies out.  They loved it, once they made it off the back porch.  They spent some time playing in the wash that flows through the middle of our yard, Milo thinks it's one long splish splash pool.
Issac is starting to lighten up.  I stood outside with the puppies again this morning.  It was such a nice, light drizzle, that I was hardly feeling the rain.  And the breeze?  Gorgeous.  Amazing.  Delicious.  I love the breeze right before it rains, but apparently, I love the breeze while it's raining as well.  I don't know if it's the thought that Issac came from the ocean, rolled through the Carribean, brushed the Florida Keys, blew across the Gulf of Mexico and slowly swirled up the coast through New Orleans, but lemme tell ya.  I loved, loved, loved standing still, enjoying the coastal wetness that swirled around me.  I have found yet another Calgon moment. 
Issac may have left some damage and flooding in New Orleans, and it may have caused a few deaths down in the Carribean, but he is being so sweet to us.  He is such a welcomed visitor.  He is so nice and cool.  He has given us so much in such a little time.  He won't be here much longer, they say he's starting to move out as we speak.  He has a few other places to go before he is done. 
 Hurricane Issac color picture..  : )..
 Pretty impressive..
  Coastal storm surge..
Issac starting to come to town..
Issac standing on our back porch last night..
Some localized flooding from Issac..
And finally Santa-Cali-Gon Days before it was shut down
due to high winds last night..
 If you look close enough, you can see how
Issac's rain is coming down at a slant, starting
from the top left to the lower right,
instead of our usual straight wet rain.  : )..
I'm thinkin, there has to be a lot of wind
for it to blow rain sideways.  Lol.
Alrighty. I had better take the pups out to enjoy
some more before he is gone. Cya!

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