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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time for Pin The Tail on the Bloggy.. : ).

DebbieDoo's Blogging and Blabbing and Fox Hollow Cottage have once again teamed up to host a Pin The Tail on the Bloggy Party.  It's such a great idea, pinning posts to Pinterest.  : )..  After much thought, I decided to try something that I hadn't previously seen online.  After spending time at a few of our local craft stores, and venturing into a couple thrift stores, this is what I came up with.
 One thrift store basket for 75 cents.
Lol, the lady asked me if I was going to be
Little Red Riding Hood with it.
Yes.  Why, yes, I am..  : )..
Instead, I painted the basket green,
added my foliage and some grapes
and tossed in a clock for good measure.
One basket, multiple uses.
I have had these fall leaves laying around
for a bit, thought that they would work as well.
Alrighty, I am linking up to the Pin the Tail on the Bloggy
Party that is found here..  Debbie at DebbieDoo's and
Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage have done so
much for new bloggers and crafters, and
we truly appreciate their support and exposure.
They both have such great websites with great ideas as well.  : )..
You should really check them out!

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