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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Roosters and dogs and trains, oh my!

While the puppies and I were outside enjoying the early morning, we
discovered that one of our neighbors thought that they needed a rooster
in their backyard.  Apparently, their two dogs that are outside all the time,
and the rabbits that they have, weren't enough of a menagerie.  Including
the little black and white flop eared bunny that got loose and was roaming
the neighborhood for about three weeks because no one could catch it.  Lol.

Now, we have chickens, roosters, bunnies, and about 10-15 dogs that live
in the immediate area.  We've got one person who feeds a bunch of cats
as well, so, it's getting pretty crazy.  On top of all that fun, we live between
two train tracks.  This morning, in addition to the rooster, we had an added
bonus of a lady who thought that 7:37am was a great time to walk her dog
in a neighborhood full of loud, barking dogs.  Awesome.  : )..  Oooh the joys
of living in the city.

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