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Monday, September 10, 2012

Grape Therapy 4.0

This is how I spent my day yesterday.  : )..  That and finishing laundry.  Trust me, the wine harvest was a lot better than the laundry.  Lol.
 Beautiful, lucious Chambourcin grapes,
just hanging around, waiting patiently to be picked..
 The crates that held another 9,000
pounds of harvested grapes..
 A sunny morning harvest this time,
no rain in sight..
Needless to say, I got a little..
Lol..  And I got stung again..
Those bees get pretty ornery when we want to
pick their delicious, juicy prizes.  Ouch!
"Bzz! Step away from my grape cluster
and put the pruning shears down! Bzz!"
25 people..
9,000 pounds of grapes..
Not too bad at all.
: )..
But the best part of yesterday, was the fact that
it was a wine harvest that occured one year to the
day that one of the owners was having heart surgery.
He has recovered since then.
The grapes that were harvested last year were
sold to another winery.
Fence Stile had one late harvest on November 22nd,
where those who volunteered stuck it out in the frigid
temperatures and huddled inside briefly in front of their
fireplace, sipping mulled wine.
Those grapes were harvested, crushed
and turned into yet another amazing and delicious
wine.  It is called, "Ishq", which is "Love"
in fourteen different languages.
They had to fight hard for the label and the name,
trying to justify why their wine should be called Love.
After a valiant battle, Ishq made it's debut at
the afternoon toast.  It's going to be another one of the
top sellers.
Also, I would love to give William and Shriti a hearty,
much deserved, thank you for their support of the Benefits4Tyrone
fund.  They were the first responders to our cause, and have
gone above and beyond with ideas for helping raise funds.
We are truly thankful and grateful for their generosity and support.


  1. That's a lot of grapes! Sounds like seriously hard work. The wine sounds lovely and I'm glad the owner has recovered from his surgery!

    1. It seemed like they were easier to pick than the last ones, although those were longer and heavier? And we ended up finishing about 30 minutes sooner than the last harvest. We picked grapes for about three and a half hours. I love participating in the harvests, it's such a great thing to do, and their wine really is delicious. I find a new one each time I go. : )..