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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Auctions, Grape Stomps and Puppies, Oh My!

Alrighty then.  Looks like I went a little MIA the past couple days.  Not sure what happened when I posted my last entry, but it was actually entered on the 20th.  Blogger seems to have some wacky versions of dates and times.  I adjusted the date on the last one.  Lol.  However, since that time, it's been cah-razy around here.
I'm thinkin we are pretty much going back to the brainstorming drawing board for fundraising ideas.  The auction, while we have gotten a few bids, hasn't been able to catch fire like I had hoped it would, but more or less had a few sparks of hope here and there. 
We went to the Fence Stile Vineyard & Winery and took donations and raffled off the great BBQ basket from BBQ Fans in Claycomo, MO.  We made some money there, and for both days being small groups, we made an astounding amount of money!  : )..  The winner of our raffle was one of the Mizzou Tiger fans who showed up on a tour bus yesterday.  Lol.  That was an awesome sight!  Ya don't see that at a vineyard very often.  Go Mizzou!  If only the Tigers fared so well.  Ummmm.  Yeah..   They didn't.  Welcome to the SEC football conference.  I'm thinking, it's going to take a while for us to get the hang of playing with the big schools.  We'll get there, it may just take some time.
 We've got a Bingo game coming up this Wednesday evening in North Kansas City, MO, and will also be holding a raffle there as well.  We will be raffling off a basket full of coffee items, including a bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, some Almond Joy creamers, as well as a few other yummy sounding coffee products.  : )..  I'm really betting that this will be a huge step towards our fundraising goal.
And speaking of time, we are still coming up with ideas on how we can spend it.  We are organizing a hot rod / motorcycle cruise, tentatively set for Saturday, October 13th.  It's going to start at one of the local restaurants, then hit one of our local wineries, another restaurant / grill, two more wineries, and finally end up at another bar & grill.  Worth Harley Davidson has said they would give us a gift basket one week before our cruise, so that should be a huge draw for that night.
Right now, we should have a little more than $300 raised for Tyrone's fund.  He is still hanging in there.  He actually left the hospice house and stayed a couple nights at his brother's house, before requesting to go back to the hospital early this morning.  He is currently back in the North Kansas City Hospice House.  I spent some time last weekend checking out how much we thought we needed, and came up with around $2500.  It's going to be an uphill battle for a bit, but by gosh!  We are determined to get there.  Even if the road is rocky, crazy and chaotic.  We'll get there!
Thanks to everyone who has supported us!!! Every bit of help gets us that much closer!!!
It is truly appreciated!!
And by the way, if you EVER get a chance to stomp some grapes??  You should jump on that chance!  : )..  Shriti from Fence Stile Vineyard & Winery said that it's the best pedicure you will ever have.  I totally agree!  My feet tingled after the stomp.  : ).. 
 Lucy?  Is that you?  You got some
'splainin to doooo!  : )..
 Rub a dub, dub, that's 14 feet in a tub!
 My co-worker and her daughter
grape stompin to support us!
 "Is that a BUS?!"
Yup!  It's our Mizzou fans tour bus,
and one of them was our BBQ Basket winner!
Winner, winner, BBQ Dinner Winner!
 This is Sir Fergus Ozborn McDougall's
(surprise!!) baby brother who is all of 13 weeks
old.  He was soooo cute, it alllmost made
me want to take him home with me!!
Whooo could resist a happy faced little puppy
like that?  I almost couldn't!
We took Fergus and stopped by his Momma Judy's
after the Grape Stomp because she lives a hop, skip
and a jump from where we were.
Sir Fergus Ozborn McDougall getting some
visiting time with his daddy Mack and his momma
ChiChi yesterday.  : )..  Mack seemed glad to see him,
while ChiChi took a few minutes of barking to finally warm
up to his presence.  Lol.  She's a feisty one!  I see
where he gets it now!  Ack!  Lol.
I was sooo tired the past couple days that I missed
stopping by here.  Whew!  I conked out like someone hit
me in the head with a rock last night.  I'm hopin I can sleep
like that again tonight!  : )..  Back to work tomorrow!

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  1. After the auction finished, we ended up making around $350 this weekend. Still a lot of work to go, but I have ideas...