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Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday Night fire..

Took the pups outside after they were fed and was just sitting down to relax.  Looked up and saw a huge black cloud of smoke rolling a couple blocks away from our house.  We think it was an industrial building that sits near one of the nursing homes close to us.  Whatever it was, it was fully engulfed and blazing.  Didn't hear any sirens, so I called 911.  The fire department were already on site working on the fire.  We cruised up the back roads until we could get some better pics and I got a pretty good video on the iphone.

I cant quite figure out my iphone video.  It's sideways.
I was holding my phone right side up.  Go figure.
I'll hopefully figure it out one day.
Addendum: found out it was a plating company that makes airplane bolts.
No one was there, people said there was an explosion before the fire,
and pretty sure the place was totaled.  Houses evacuated in the
area because of the chemicals they had in the building.

Oh, btw, woot!
Speakin of setting things on fiyah,
our QA department finished all five rounds of evaluations for
this month with well over a full day to spare!
Go team!  : )..  Woohoo!

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