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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Craft failures galore..

Had a great idea for a neat picture frame, but alas, I am beginning to think I am not very crafty.  My first attempt at it was a huge craft fail.  Tried to work over it with a flag idea and lemme tell ya, trying to paint stripes while holding one charging puppy off with my left hand wasn't working very well. : (.
Tried starting with tape stripes where the red paint would go and that worked really well.  The white paint went on great with my little spongy roller brush.  Success!  Yay!  Looked great! 

If only it would have stayed that way.  When it came to painting the red stripes?  Everything kept pulling my dry white paint off.  : (..  I tried loosely contacted tape.  The red paint bled underneath.  Tried some frog tape, and although it stuck better, I still had red paint bleeding under it as well.  : (..  Worst of all?  My quote that was my original craft fail has continously appeared through countless layers of paint.  Lol.  Ok.  I give.  The crafts have beaten me this week.  It wasn't even a fair fight.  I give.  No mas.  I'm really starting to think that this stuff is not in my skill set. 

I could teach you all about how to handle your alarm accounts, from the fact that you can set up temporary passwords and keypad codes for guests, workers, babysitters, realtors, etc to the fact that you can dictate how your alarms are handled.  If you want to be called 24/7 on all signals, the company can do that.  If you only wish to be called from a certain time of day to a certain time of night, the company can do that.  I can explain every signal that my company covers, and can tell you all kinds of interesting things on how to manage an account.  I can't craft this week to save my life.  Good thing I'm in the alarm service field.  Lol.  : )..  I can run circles around most of the people that I work with.  As long as it's not making crafts.  Whew.  Nooo mas!  Por favor! 

I am unfortunately missing out on the DebbieDoo's Newbie party this week.  There's nooo way I'm putting that craft fail anywhere near that link.  Lol.  I'll try again next time.  C'est un terrible!  (pardon my french, that's one of the few phrases I kind of remember, maybe French isn't in my skill set either.)

Alrighty.  Going to relax and add some more music to my iphone.  : )..  Laters!

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