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Friday, July 27, 2012

Emmy's Neighbor Visit.. : )..

Keeping track of three pups can be challenging at times, especially when you don't see all three go outside and only two come back in.  Let Fergus and Milo out this afternoon, but didn't see Emmy go too.  Let Fergus and Milo back in, and we left to eat dinner and get some dog food.  Came back to one of our neighbors walking over to our fence.  Luckily, they were outside and saw us leave.  Emmy ran over to the corner of our fence and started barking at them, so they figured out she got left out by herself.

She doesn't always go outside with the boys, she's usually standing at the door after they have gone outside.  Not sure when she snuck past me.  We have a routine of coming back inside and stopping for cookies.  Emmy doesn't always wait, but likes to run back to our bedroom and crawl under the bed.  She knows that I'll bring her cookies back to her.  I should have noticed that Fergus got to eat her's without her growling.

Our neighbors, who also mow our grass for us because we always invite them to our parties without asking for anything in return, and who Dutch is getting ready to build a motor for, came over and picked Emmy up.  They took her over to their house to wait.  She got to spend time with her friends, Katie and Harley D, and got to meet their cat, Whiskey.  Lol.  She also got to go for a ride and have McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and a couple fries.  : )..  All in all, I think she had a pretty good visit, even if it was for all the wrong reasons.  D'oh!  I'm usually more observant than that, and won't let that happen again.  Whew! 

Her brothers sure were happy to see her, and she sure was happy to see all of us again as well.  Lol.  She's back inside with her family, happily playing with their new tough chew toy and snackin on their new dog food.  I think she enjoyed the break from Milo and Fergus though!  Boys are noisy!  And they tear up her toys.  Time to snuggle!

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