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Friday, August 3, 2012

Ballard Design Copycat.. : )..

Alrighty, so right down to the wire, I finally found everything that I needed for my Copycat Challenge.  After perusing the Ballard Design website, imagine my surprise when I ran across this normal looking bulletin board.  : )..

Cute, yes.  Different than normal?  Eh, not really.
And check out the price.  No.  Really.
It WAS $329.00, but is now listed
at a mere $249.00.
That's the price. Whew!
For a corkboard?
Alrighty then.  : )..

Soo, after gathering all the supplies that I actually had
just laying around the house, I made this.

I have had this picture frame sitting around the house forever.
Seriously.  Forever.  Alright, at least close to ten years.

 The picture frame had a Kohl's sticker on the back for $39,
but we got it for free as a left over from one of our friend's
garage sales.  Actually, we have two of them.  : )..

I grabbed my handy dandy black paint and a WalMart
spongy brush that were already here at the house and
commenced to creating this.
Total cost?  Nada.  Nuttin.  Bumpkis.
Just my time and energy.  Whew!  Lol.
Which means, I saved a whopping $249.00.
Hehehe.  That even beats my Longaberger
(sorry Dian!) knockoff from last time.  : )..

She's such a great host!  Great website!
Great ideas!  Great participants!


  1. Yes, much better price tag, and just as cute. Thanks so much for sharing with the copy cat party!~ Glad you did. Enjoy.

    1. I'm tellin ya. : ).. I about fell off my chair when I saw their price. Whoa. Whew. I am in the wrong business if they can sell things for that much! Lol. Thanks for hosting and letting us join!