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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ohh yeah! Ohh Please?!

I began pondering my current situation yesterday.  It finally occured to me (Lightbulb!), to look and see if a former employer that functions closer to home, might have a position listed for customer service.  Ohh, why I believe they might just have one, it was certainly listed on their website.  Did I apply?  Oooh, you bet I did!  With a quickness!

I worked through Pro Staff on an autoject project that this company had several years ago.  They not only extended our time there, they were teaching ME their other work functions, such as entering new clients and setting up their introductory packages.  However, Dutch was hauling over the road at that time, and so when the temporary project was closing, I chose to spend some time riding with him after it was finished.

I did apply with them shortly after that, and actually interviewed with my two immediate supervisors that I worked closely with on the temporary assignment.  My first supervisor's interview went well, while the second one tanked.  She asked why I wanted to work for them again, and my brain froze up.  Huh?  Wha?  Durr.  All I could mutter was, I need a permanant job again to establish a long lasting employment.  What a blubbering idiot I was.  Now?  I know that I should have answered, "Because I know the job.  I know the clients.  I know what the work entails and I am more than willing to learn whatever new job duties that will be needed."  Yeah.  I think that would have been a better answer.  Jan was a boob back then.  Jan knows that now.  Jan knows better now.  If Jan should happen to get another chance, Jan says she will be MUCH better in the interview.

Whew.  I'm still looking at a couple other places as well around town.  It should be interesting.  : )..

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