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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Old Friend~Tim McGraw Lyrics

Went to work only to find out that we lost yet another ADT / Tyco family
member.  This one was still young, but filled with so much fun and laughter
that she got a lot out of her 33 years on Earth.  May Beth Good rest in peace
and join the countless others that we have lost in the last few years.
Ms. Good / Ms. Great / Ms. Always bubbly and smiling.. 

Don from our resource desk..
Mat from our inbound department..
One of my former managers, Mr. "Rontastic!" Burns..
May the one(s) who took him from us know no peace
and those who knew him, know peace and comfort.
One of my former training assistant new hires, Loyd..
You never knew just how much we would miss you.. 
Another one of our inbound personalities, Glenn..
And another one of our managers, Vivian..

There were a few others that we have lost these last few years.
We actually were all intact last year, but the year before that
saw us lose five people, and we are up to four this year.  : (..

My heart goes out to all of their family and friends.  May they
all know much peace and comfort.  And lemme tell ya, between
Beth, Don and Ron, Heaven is hoppin today!  Lol.  I don't think
they knew what was in store for them up there.  : )..  Until we
meet again, y'all keep the party goin.

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