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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Trying my hand at fundraising, by going where
my target audience is..
We have a bar in town that draws a fairly good
sized bike crowd.
I have less than a few days to throw together
a fundraising event, but by gosh!
I think this one should work out well.  : ).
I am going to have a hot rod / bike
car show instead of a poker run.
We will suggest a $2.00 donation to enter for
prizes, and will use a Harley Davidson gift basket
as the top prize..  We will also have our gift certificates
that we have left over from our auction as the lower
prizes.  We can have a raffle for our coffee themed
pictures and table runner, as well as a chip and dip basket,
another coffee basket and a wine bottle basket.
Included in all of this fun, we will also have a 50/50 raffle
where the winning ticket gets half of the money raised during that
event.  People love those, because the more people buy in,
the more they can win.
We will also have people vote, donating $1.00 for each
vote they make, and we will have a Best in Show, shiniest,
loudest and Most Improved with After Market Merchandise
There are at least four other biker bars in the city where I can
put up flyers, and it will be over in time for them to go to their regular
bars that evening..
I'm hoping that this one works better than my last!

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