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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Birthday.. : )..

It's our second birthday this month,
for the second puppy
and, it's his second birthday to boot!
 One of my favorites from when he was just a baby..
His snowy lil puppy face..
 Definitely one of his best pics..  : )..
 Him in his splish splash pool..
My sweet lil boy..
 Is such a handsome lil man..
One of my favorite videos..
Lol..  It's Milo and his first knotty bone..
He gave it the who's who and
the what for!
Happy second birthday Milo!
You are such a sweet little boy!!
He's also the only one with a blog of his own!


  1. Oh how cute! I remember your cutie pie. Thanks Jan for sharing. XO

    1. Thanks Debbie. And thanks for throwing the puppy party link. : ).. Hope Lucy's feeling less lonely. : ).