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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Success! Yay! Failure. : (..

Once again, under the gun, the Paws and Urgent group rescued 11 dogs in need, including a nail biter finish trying to get someone to foster the last two sweet babies until their adopter can pick them up tomorrow.  Yay!  Those last two guys were way too sweet!and gorgeous.  Shaking my head that it took such chaos to rescue them and I cant believe that they were the last ones out.  But!  Whew!  We had someone great who rescued both guys!  Finally found two people willing to keep them overnight as well.  They both had kennel cough and had to be out by 5.  Success!  Yay!

Failure?  Ohhh.  There was failure today as well.  We had a poker tourney lined up for the Benefits 4 Tyrone fund and after a few alterations on the flyer, the only people who showed up were those running it, Dutch, myself and one of Kayla's friends.  Ugh.  I am horrible at promoting things. We were going to have a poker run next weekend, but since the weather is getting colder and a lot of ppl say they don't like the poker runs, we might switch it up and do a hotrod / bike show somewhere with the raffle and 50/50 there.  I'm still thinking about selling brats, pops and chips for $2 during it.  : )..  And letting someone else promote it.  Lol.

Last, but not least!  Took our pups to the town square for a Galloween parade.  They barked at other dogs!  Bark! Bark! Bark!  And each other!  And little kids running around. And other loose dogs. Then!  Some skater punk thought he was cute and got them super stirred up and kept agitating them.  Milo bumped Fergus and the tussle was on!  I had their leashes but couldn't keep them apart and got my hand to close to Fergus!  Chomp!  Grrr! I have two puncture wounds on my left hand.  Ouchies! I bled. Freaked one lady out across the street who yelled, "Are you ok?" from a safe distance. Yeah!  Just life with three Scottish Hooligans! Never mind the dog clamped to my hand.  Lol.  We will be just fine.  : )..  Ahh.  All in a days work.  Whew!  Time to call it a night!

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