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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun with my puppies..

 Fergus cheesin..
 Milo chewin..
Emmy hiding her head like she tries to do
with every picture that I try to take..  Lol..
So, after being without a camera charger for a few months,
we finally bought the bullet and ordered one online.
Hard telling where the original one went.
I personally think that they self destruct after a while
so that you have to replace them.  : )..
Took the pups out back and played for a while,
we seriously need new tennis balls again.
We are down to two in the back yard,
well, except for three or four pieces out there
that just found their way back to the trash can.
It was a nice, short sleeved day, and the puppies
certainly enjoyed it!
Probably won't get that too much more..
Definitely glad to have a new charger,
this one has a car plug in as well.  Spiffy!

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