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Friday, November 9, 2012

: ( : / : l : 0 Noooo! Whew! Yay! : l>!!!!!

Wasn't feelin it this morning.  At all.
The Paws for Irving Animals lost the chance to
save over 10 precious lives because of Parvo and
because of reasons that have not been given, including
sweet baby Horton..  : (..  RIP little baby..
I finally made myself get moving.
It was rough.  Trash gathered and put out,
I made it to work.
I got to move one desk over yesterday
and believe me, it's like a totally new area.
I know.  It's only one desk away from my other one,
but it's a nice change of pace.
(not my actual office cubical)
Worried allll day long about the pups on Irving's
Code Red list today..
(not an actual picture of me)
Still had one left over from the possible Parvo
exposure Code Red list from yesterday,
as well as several more that were just out of time at the shelter..
Worry, worry, worry!
Work, work, worry, worry, work, work..
The pups had to be rescued by 3pm and out of the
shelter by 5pm.  There were three left at the last minute.
Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!   : 0...
(still not an actual picture of me -
but doesn't that look like "Will Wheeeeaton!"
lol - a little Sheldon quote for the day)
I'm getting an ulcer from all those pups in danger
in Irving, TX..  : (..
(getting closer to being me)
Then!!! On my way home, waiting for a red light,
I checked facebook again and saw this message!!!!
"all of today's group are safe so relax that ulcer!" 
Whaaaaat???  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
All our puppies are safe for the day!!!!
Including...  Elvis!!!
I said, Woof! Woof!
Elvis has left the building!!!
Whew!!!  Yay!!!
Sooo, my ulcer and Dutch went to the downtown
square and had some Square Pizza..
It's at a place called "Square Pizza", not only
because it's on the downtown square plaza,
but because.. it's a square pizza..  : )..  Lol.
And yummy!!
However, also had a small side salad with ranch
dressing..  One bite and guess who was wearing
ranch dressing on their shirt?
(still not me - in the picture that is)
(wish it wasn't me with the ranch on my shirt)
I am soooo field of dreams when it comes to food.
If it drips, I will wear it.
Sigh.  Lol.
 TGIF..  Woot..

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