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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nooo.. Snoooow..

After thunderstorms last night,
which included high winds and some hail to boot,
we woke up this morning to snow.
I say Blech!!
I am sooooo not a fan of snow.
 Nooo, just say nooo to snow..  : (..
Although, the puppies loved it!
Fergus wasn't so sure at first,
but decided that it was a whole lotta fun.
This is his first real snow picture..
Even though it's blurry and you really
can't see the snow..  Lol..
Here is Emmy's first real snow picture..
Cutie patootie!
And then Milo's first real snow picture..
Who could resist those snowy little faces?
Milo looked like he was outside rollin
snowballs on the back deck this morning,
but stopped before I could grab the camera to
get it on video.  Ohh well,
the snow is still out there with more to come
Christmas morning.
I'll end up getting a better snowy picture of Fergus,
and hopefully I'll be able to catch Milo
rollin snow again.  Lol.
: )..
Puppies.  The only good thing about snow.

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