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Saturday, December 1, 2012

What a day..

Crazy night last night, neighbor's had a late night party that woke our pups up so that they jolted me out of a deep sleep.  The people were all mingling around in the backyard of their house, which meets up with the side of our yard.  I finally conked back out, only to wake up again around 215am to more laughing and talking.  Finally, as I was drifting back off to sleep, the voices died down, and then yelling ensued.  A fight broke out inside the house, escalated and spilled out into the yard and street, and someone was banging on car windows trying to get at someone else.  Yikes.  I jumped up and called 911 and the cops stopped by and took care of what was left, most party goers had already vacated.  Lol.  Cahrazy!  Finally fell back to sleep after 4am. 
Went to our friend's son's last college football game in Excelsior Springs.  Andy has done sooo well, and scored the first two touchdowns for the Lindenwood Lions.  His first touchdown?  Was an 83 yard run, the third longest in the bowl's 47 year history.  He's being scouted by several NFL teams!  Congrats Andy and Lions!  They put up a valiant effort against a HUGE team from Minnesota. And by huge, I mean, these kids were HUGE.
Here's a picture of Leo the Lion revving the LU crowd up, while wearing a yellow tutu.
Lol.  Leo can get down too.  I have a video but it won't load because it was on the
iphone and those videos are too big for blogger.
Here's a picture of Andrew Helmick, he's one to keep an eye
on!  The NFL scouts sure are!  He's the one on the left hand
side, along with three of his friends and his friend Malach's
Mom.  Malach is the one holding the number 27 jersey.
# 27 belongs to their fallen teammate Sterling Thomas,
who suffered a terrible injury a few games ago, and has suffered
paralysis.  He's getting burning sensations in his hands though,
so that's a great sign! He might still regain use of his arms,
and possibly someday, be able to regain the use of everything else.
However, talking about huge, the Kansas City Chief's football organization suffered a huge loss today.  Jovan Belcher, one of our defensemen, shot and killed his girlfriend, then drove to the Chief's practice facility.  He thanked Coach Romeo Crennell and Mark Paoli (I think he's the GM), and then shot and killed himself.  Such a tragedy!  Our collective thoughts and prayers are with all those who knew those involved.  Much peace and comfort to them all.
Finally, on a positive note, after losing one poor little pup at the Irving Animal Shelter, they had 18 pups who were either rescued, fostered or adopted and saved from being euthanized this afternoon.  In addition to those who were saved, several more were adopted that hadn't made the code red list.  Yay!  Thanks and kudos to everyone who helped save these babies.
Ended my afternoon with the wine mob at VanTill Family Winery
in Raymore, MO, enjoying some fine wine, some delicious wood fired pizza
and some super yummy carrot cake.  I love their labels too!
Buon vino! Buon cibo! Buon amici!

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