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Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo Issues Part III..

Alrighty..  Finally accessed the troubleshooting FAQ's section,
and Blogger is working on the photo loading issue..
Soo..  In the meantime..
We can enjoy a clip from Guy Fierri's
Diners, Drive Ins and Dives..
This one is a Coal Fired Pizza place
called Joe Squared..
Check this pizza oven out!
Yikes! Talk about a pizza burn!
Ya might wanna let that one cool for a bit!
That pizza oven cooks pizzas in a whopping two minutes.
Yeah.  Two whole minutes!
It gets up to 1500 degrees in there.
I don't know if I could wait long enough
for it to cool down!  : )..
Looks great though!
And now, Dutch has finally gotten an idea of what
he'd like to do now..  He's always wanted a brick
oven in the backyard..
Now?  Hmm..  A restaurant with a coal fired
pizza oven?  Winner, winner pizza dinner!
He already makes some killer homemade pizzas,
with homemade pizza crust whipped up in our bread maker..
I have no doubt that he'd be churnin and burnin
on the pizza place..  And I dooooo love
me some pizza!

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