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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spring Fever..

Had a great, warm day today.
We have had a pretty easy couple of winter's
the past two years, getting less than 6" of
snow each year, which is fine by me.
However, we did just go through a bit of a
cold, artic snap that was an eye opener.
Yikes!  I am sooo not a cold weather fan.
Today was fantastic!
The puppies even agreed, wanting to go
outside and play for hours on end.
 The trees were starting to show buds
before the cold snap.  I'm sure they were also hoping
it was going to be Spring soon.
 I love Spring because everything is coming back to life,
and everything is turning green and
warm weather is on it's way.
It's supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow.
I get to go to work late,
so you can bet, I'll be taking advantage
of those warm, lovely temps!
: )..

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