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Thursday, February 21, 2013

ssssNOOOOOOw.. : (..

Glad I took off today, sorry that some of my co-workers
weren't able to..  Our city news has reported that some of our
highways are parking lots and that ramps are closed.
People are stuck.
I'm stuck at home.
At least there are some amusing things
to watch.
Wish this video came out bigger.
Sorry about the end, the dogs finally figured out
what I was watching.  Lol.
And, yup, the video is upside down at the end.
This is the only good thing about snow..
 Our pups love it..
Here's a snowy little Milo puppy..
And a blurry little snowy Fergus..
Emmy was snowy too, but she headed for warmer
locations in the house..
Maternity cuts (shaved tummy and yes, she's been fixed)
are the bomb in summer,
but don't work well with short legs and lots of coooooold snow..
Lol..  : )..

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