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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


American Idol's Beatles night?
American Idol's doing the Beatles tonight Kree did With A Little Help From My Friends and did a killer job and she really did a great job because American Idol is doing the Beatles songs tonight, who sang that one from the Beatles.. Aww.. Emmy's soo cute she's got this perfect little dark stripe down her back and she's such a sweet little dog and it reminds me of a skunk, I think skunks are cute, don't you..  I wish that I had a skunk jacket with white stripes on the lapels, wouldn't you want one of those..  You wouldn't..  Really.. You don't think that skunks are cute..  Are you crazy..  Skunks are great.. Burnell's never HEARD of the Beatles..  Are you kidding me..  What kind of person has never heard of the Beatles..  Are you serious..  How can you get that far on American Idol and never have heard the Beatles..  Have you heard of the Reverend Al Green..  Marvin Gaye..  They are great..  How can you never have heard of the Beatles..  Let it be, let it be, oh let it beeeeeeeeee(oh)eeee, let it beeeeee..  How can you never hear of the Beatles..  (Something about a Beatles song that I've never heard..)..  (my) ..  Rocky Racoon..  That's a great Beatles song.. (grrrrrrrrrrrrr.. you're a bad puppy! you think you are big and bad.. you're a bad boy!  grrrrrrrrr..  that's MY tennis ball..  grrrrrrrrr.. you think you can growl at me...)  Something more about the Beatles..  Another alternate song being sung..  Another dog growl (gosh) BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK!!  Grrrrrrr..  Something about Nicki Minaj..  Something about another Beatles song..  Grrrrrr..  Scratch, scratch, scratch - stop scratching my arm Fergus!!  BARK! BARK! BARK! (i.am.going.to.snap..)
Do they have an off button?

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