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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OOOOH Yeah!!!

I thought the Chiefs signing Dwayne Bowe to another five year contract
was going to make me happy this year.
Wait!!  It just got even better!!
Oooooh yeah!!!
The Chiefs just signed Chase Daniel, former MU Tiger Quarterback
from 2008 as a backup QB..
OOOOH Yeah!!!!
I am a Tiger fan!
I am a Chase Daniel fan!
I am a KC Chiefs fan!
Put them all together??
This is going to be a great year!!
Aww.  Wait.
You should see the KU fans moping around,
leaving derogatory messages on the news webpage about this..

Early April Fools Joke? I hope so!!!!!!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! A former Missouri quarterback that's as bas as Blaine Gabbert. Great move!! LOL
What was my response?
Hmm, I'm betting you all are KU fans. I seem to remember Chase Daniel doing fairly well as the Tiger's quarterback. I can't recall who won the MU/KU game that year.... Umm.. Oh yeah. It wasn't the Jayhawks. I'm also betting that QB is still picking the divot out of his helmet.


Ooooh the debate has already started. Hmm. Lol. Dang KU fans. Ooh, by the way, the Chiefs play on the MO side of the state line. Better luck next time boys. : )..
And..  To back that up?
Here's a pic of their quarterback..
What's his name?
Oooh, yeah, Todd Reesing..
Don't worry.
That brown thing stuck to the right side of his helmet?
That was his MU souvenier that he took home from the MU / KU Border War
from that fateful game in 2008.
The one where MU won after sacking him in his own end zone
for a safety!  Ha!  They buried his helmet in the grass
and he had a little somethin stuck in it..
Oooh, but where is Todd Reesing now?
The CFL.
That's the Canadian Football League.
Where was Chase Daniel?
The NFL.
First in Washington.
Next in New Orleans.
KC baby!!!
OOOOH Yeah!!!
Go Chase!!
Go KC!!

1 comment:

  1. Yup, they were KU fans. One tried to "set me straight..
    Let me guess, you must be a Misery fan? Life must be horrible being an MU fan. This was the same year that KU won the BCS Orange bowl while MU was playing in another meaningless game. Missouri has never won a national title, and they never will, they can't even win or get to a BCS bowl game let alone the National title game. Have fun being the new doormat of the SEC. I do believe that Gary Pinkel had more DUI arrests last year than Misery had wins in football. Congrats! Rock Chalk For Life! You've been destroyed. Thank you & come again!

    So I had to answer two more times:
    Hmm. Chase Daniel went to the NFL. Todd Reesing? Eh? NFL? AFL? Oooh, noooo.. Eh? CFL. Brrrrrr. Thank you. You go again.

    And by the way, if you wanna play school scandals? How did that whole ticket scandal go over for KU? Bahahaha. However, if we really wanna get down the real issue at hand, I'm thinking Chase Daniel beat out Todd Reesing in the whole football career dealio. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    Here is the link to the "debate"..
    Read more: http://www.kshb.com//dpp/sports/football/chiefs/report-chiefs-reach-3-year-deal-with-chase-daniel#ixzz2NO44tsyg