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Friday, March 22, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chick..Err.. Reuban Fritter Dinner..

Last year on May 14th, someone stole my husband's
semi truck that we had bought and paid for in full, and had
just recently rebuilt the entire engine at considerable cost.  : (.. 
After a couple months of haggling with our
insurance company, we finally got our insurance money.
 I know that it was pretty depressing to have his entire business
stolen right out from under him.
Our solution?
We've been thinking that a restaurant might be a viable idea.
He's a terrific cook, his chicken is definitely finger-lickin
good, so good that you want to lick everyone else's fingers too.
Soo, after watching several episodes of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives,
and a whole host of other Food Network shows,
he's actually considering the whole cooking dealio.
I told him that no one could actually steal this business and haul
it off.  Ha.  Anyway, here's a deeelishus looking dish
that was on one of tonight's Triple D episodes.
It's a yummy sounding Reuben Fritter dish.
I love Reubens, but they are messssssy!
Reuben balls?  Right on!
Count me in!

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