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Friday, April 12, 2013

ADT Security Services on Undercover Boss..

It was interesting to watch this week's Undercover Boss..
As a former ADT Security Service agent,
it was definitely something that I wanted to watch..
A couple things that I can take away from this show,
Knoxville does have a better center layout than we do..
And, really, how many people are really surprised
that these "mystery" employees and camera
crews are actually part of Undercover Boss..
Lol.  Really?  Noooooo.
We used to be ADT..
We are now Tyco Integrated Security..
We got to change companies and never had to leave
the building or our desks..
We are still waiting for Tyco's turn
on UB.  : )..
We are on Undercover Boss?!
Oooooh my gosh...
I might still have to work on that.
: )..  Lol.
Oooooh!  Really?!  : O!!!!
Any better?
Ironically..  Hmmm..
I AM training a "new" Quality Assurance
agent from Toronto starting Monday morning..
; )..
If I see a camera too?
I'm good to go!

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