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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cafe Gratitude..

I've been working early this week, training a co-worker from Canada.
They wanted to find a vegan restaurant in the area so I
searched Google this afternoon.
I lucked out and found Cafe Gratitude.
They have several locations around the US,
including one downtown.
Patrons can not only come in and enjoy a healthy meal,
they can choose to purchase meals for others
who might need a meal.
Starbucks also has a program like this.
People can pay for "Pending Coffee" orders
in addition to their own coffee.
Those less fortunate can come in to see if there
are any "Pending Coffee's" that are
available, and also enjoy a
warm cup of coffee.
Considering the events and historical anniversaries this
week, I figured we could all use a little
Kudos to the companies and customers
who pay it forward.

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