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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I just wanna picture of a park bench.. : /..

A few things have occured to me after trying to find a new
photo to use as my facebook cover photo..
I wanted something that screamed "Spring!"
So I thought a nice park bench with some gorgeous green
grass would work out really well..
I found out that there are a lot of
"lonely" benches in the world..
Just sitting..
Hoping that someone would come along and sit for a while..
I also found out that a lot of cats and dogs
are attracted to park benches..
Including tigers no less..
I don't know what park that was in,
but I think I'll skip that one..  Lol..
Scary clowns like them too..
One of my co-workers swears that he's
scared of clowns..  Really?
He hasn't seen Poltergeist..
I could really understand being scared of them if he had..
However, after searching for several park benches,
garden benches, park benches in the Spring, etc..
It has occured to me that there are no shortage
of women who pose provacatively
on park benches for the camera,
while not a lot of guys do..
Guys really need to step it up and get on the ball..
Or the bench..  : )..
Soooo..  After searching DeviantArt.com
for a while..  I finally found these pics..
 Loved this one, but wanted one facing the camera..
Loved this one too..

 Almost went with this one..
But this next one won out..
Winner, winner, chicken dinner..
Now that is a Spring filled picture..
I don't know where it was taken,
but I would love to sit and rest there for a while..

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