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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Not sure how many others watched Prison Break,
sitting on their seats on pins and needles like we did,
but there were times that I literally had to get up,
walk out of the room and tell myself,
Like the time Michael was skulking around
behind the walls, after breaking through
the walls in his cell, while his nervous
cellmate stood guard.
I just KNEW he wasn't going to make it back
in time for rounds!!
It's a wonder I still had fingernails.
Or fingers.
Or hands for that matter.
If ya haven't watched the series,
I dare ya.
I dare ya to feel any less nervous than I was.
Now?  Another show has bumped Prison Break
off of the "It's.Just.A.TV.Show" pedastal.
It's this season's "NCIS".
Ooooh.  After having so many funny seasons,
this one is starting to become a huge
Between an Iraqi service dog and now
Abby's childhood memories?
Aye Carumba!
I'm going to have to leave the room
telling myself..
: /..
Sniff.  Sniff.  Sniff.
Does anybody have a kleenex handy?
Or two?
Or a box?
: /
: (

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