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Friday, May 24, 2013

Global Corporate Challenge..

Taking part in the Global Corporate challenge at work this year.
Each group has seven members.
We are supposed to walk at least 10,000 steps each day
and we have Pulse pedometers to keep track.
Doing pretty well but since my job is stationary, I'm putting plans
into action to reach and exceed the goal.
I'll walk in place for five minutes each hour while I'm at work, 
And finish by walking the neighborhood.

The fun part?
The team names are crazy fun.
The Holy Walkamolies.
Stuck Between a Walk and a Hard Pace.
Victorious Secret.
More Cardio Less Lardio.
Christopher Walkin.
ManChestHair United.
Scrambled Legs.
Roamin Goddesses.
Thin It To Win It.
Your Pace or Mine.
Waist Management.

I had suggested our team name
as "We Like to Moovit, Moovit"
Since Kansas City is called Cow Town but that got shot down.
Good thing because someone else used
"We Like To Move It" too.
Our teams name?
It's a mishmash from three of us.
One is a Bostonian so he wanted something for him, 
ergo Sox and Fiyah ironically.
One wanted the Walkin part. 
And then I got it all together after getting into
a fire alarm account at work.  

Our team name is:
"Our Walkin Sox Are On Fiyah!"
Let the walking begin!

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