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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Itunes and iPhone Troubles Oh My..

After having our iphones for almost
two years, there was a recent downloaded
"upgrade" that Apple put out.
Instead of making my phone better,
it unleashed trouble like no other.
Every time that my phone connected to Itunes,
it would wipe out my contacts.
I lost my entire phone contact list,
with the exception of the people on my favorites
list.  It only wiped out there names.
Nice.  I could call and ask, "Who is this?"
Lol.  Not going to happen.
Especially since this in an ongoing issue.
Next step?  Called Apple.
Oooh no problem.
It's because I'm not signed in under
my own Itunes account.
Got one started.
Can't get my card info correct so I
can't get an account going in my name.
Their solution?
Delete it and reinstall the program.
Did that.  Hate the new format so I tried downloading
one of the older versions.
Didn't work.
Now?  I can't even get the current one
installed and open to sign back into Dutch's account either.
Aye Carumba.

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