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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Season 12's American Idol.. Is..

Candice Glover!!!
Woop Woop!!!
That's my American Idol for sure!!!
She was great from her audition this year,
straight through to the final competition.
Kree was great but she had her struggles.
If it wasn't a song that she picked out for herself
that was in her range, she had some
rough spots.  I love her, and am so in awe of
how well she has done after losing both of her parents
at such a young age.  I can't even imagine
although I lost my mom several years ago.
Angie?  Puhlease.  She got votes because she played
the piano and sang and wore tight things.
It's not America's Top Model honey.
The only songs I liked of her's were the
Evanescence song, and her Beyonce "Halo" performance.
Nothing else impressed me.
Glad she got the boot last week.
Candice Glover is our new American Idol!!
Congratulations Candice!!!!!!!!!!
You Are Beautiful!!

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