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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Ack! It's a mouse!" Dance..

Left for work this morning and went out through
our garage.  Got tired of doing an obstacle course around a bag
of clothes destined to become rags for Dutch's hot rod,
so I moved it to get around the car.
Wrong move!  Lol.  Something small and black
shot across the floor and so, I'm assuming,
did the rag bag!  It was about the size
of a lemon and had fuzzy hair.
I'm guessing it was either a dark field mouse,
or a big hairy spider.
Whatever it was, I discovered another
"Ack!" dance.  I didn't know I had such moves.
I would have been ..  umm .. alright with this one?
 Or even this one..
 This one might have had me a little worried?
Whatever was out there might still be out there..
I don't know.  All I know?
It's a good thing the garage door was already open,
and it was almost big enough for me to ask
if it would kindly move that rag bag for me.
Wanna see what that dance looks like?
Here ya go..
That's pretty darn close.  : )..
I think I'll go through the front door for a while.

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