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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun with Fiyah!

After they had to reschedule the Pyrosapiens Fire Show twice, once for high
winds and once because it had rained so much that Fence Stile's drive was
too muddy, we got to catch their show last night.  Lol.  They were great!
They started with the disclaimer, "This is not an optical illusion. If you see
something on fire and it looks like it's coming right at your head, it probably
is!"  We thought that was funny, until the grand finale there.  : )..  Those are
SOS pads soaked in their fuel.  As they also said, "Our mother's taught us
not to play with fire.  We didn't listen.  Kids, please tell your parents not to
try this at home!" Great show, great fun, great friends.

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