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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hmm.. : /..

Caught "The Fugitive" tonight and remembered
David Letterman's Top Ten List of
Tommy Lee Jones movie characters.
It was pretty funny and I have a copy of it somewhere
around here.  Tried to google it, but
can't find it on there either.
However, here is a different Top Ten List
from the past that was pretty funny.
Figure this might come in handy this year,
since we got a Census mailed to us
and never filled it out and sent it back in.
I'm guessing we'll get someone stopping by.
Top 10 Tricks You Can Play on the Census Taker - April 26, 1990

10. Excuse yourself from room and come back wearing different clothes.
Repeat 15 times.
9. Shout all your responses as if you were a contestant on "Family Feud."
8. Have two-headed friend hang out in living room. Ask if he counts as one
person or two.
7. Repeatedly ask, "And how many Eskimos did we count today?"
6. Invite them to take shower to freshen up -- then keep flushing toilet.
5. Ask if you have to fill out form in pencil or is human blood OK.
4. Insist on First Amendment right to answer questions in mime.,
3. After his sixth beer, slip him a non-alcoholic one and see if he
2. Two words: plastic vomit.
1. Start going, "168 million and one... 168 million and two" so guy gets
messed up and has to start counting all over.

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