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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I ain't got no fleas on me..

Because apparently, they are all on our dogs and cats.
I'm thinking the dogs brought them home from
somewhere, not sure if they were from
the groomers shop.  They have a zero tolerance for
fleas there, but who is to say if another
pet might have infected ours before being treated
for fleas.  We do have a new dog next door,
but she's a pit mix.  Not saying they wouldn't
have fleas, but eh, who knows.
All we know?  We've got fleas.
Flea treatments times two on each animal.
Flea collars.
Tried washing the dogs with dish soap tonight.
Still got fleas, although if they don't like
dish soap, I'm thinking they will
take a while to go away.  It's not a magic
cure all that will just wash them all off never to be seen again.
Next up?

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