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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A great day..

Worked my 8 hour shift and got off
early enough to enjoy the day..
 Checked in with Ladoga Ridge Winery to
see if they would be harvesting grapes
again soon.  I certainly hope so!
 I had such a great time last year! 
This wine came from grapes I helped gather..
 Would love to have some shrimp..  : )..
Ummm hmmm!
 And found out that my friend's son is back
in the game, trying to make a spot
on the St. Louis Ram's 53 man roster.
He's definitely making a name for himself out
there, including this great one-handed touchdown catch.
We get to go to St. Louis next weekend to
see his first preseason game!
Can't wait!
Go Andy Go!!
Helmick Nation is on it's way to support ya!


  1. I'd like to help with the harvest at Ladoga Ridge too!!! Also - I'm hoping to see Andy soon sometime when the Rams are playing.

    1. I'm trying to find out when they are doing the harvests. The cool weather has "confused" the grapes and they aren't ready. And you might wanna try and catch the Ram's Preseason game this week. : )..