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Friday, August 23, 2013

Dizzy Bat Fun with Ram Rookies.. Lol..

It was the Ram Rookie initiation day yesterday,
and what better way to welcome them
to the team than to play dizzy bat
with ice water to boot?
Here's the rules and scoop.
The rookies had to run the ball a bit,
then take a bat, lean over with 
their head close to the end
and make 24 spins,
then run back down the field.  : )..
Or not, as demonstrated in these pics..
 Dizzy batter meets dizzy grass..
One down, one up but not for long.
Go Andy go!
And yup, he was one of the ones
meeting the dizzy grass.
: )..
Ooooor, as he put it,
"Was that you out there?"
"No.  Lol."

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