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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taters, Maters and Mullets.. Oh My!!

Had an awesome non-weekend weekend..
Now, I've got one 8 hour shift between me and
a weekend to recover from my
non-weekend weekend..
The Helmick Nation journeyed across
 the great state of Missouri to root
for Andrew Helmick's Ram debut.
What a debut it was!
7 minutes left in the game, the Rams
were down 19-0.
Andy finally got his shot.
His mom Jeanie and half of our crew
erupted in a cheer so loud from the lower level
that it caught the attention of the camera man and the
pressbox above.  Not only did they make the
game coverage?  They also showed Andy
on the field right after that talking
about how much support he had from family
and friends.  Awesome.
What could be even better than that? 
His first pass??
Second pass?
Batted down from a GB Packer defender,
although Andy almost managed to catch it!!
Third pass?
He picked up a couple more yards
before getting knocked
out of bounds.
All in all???
Such a great debut of a young man who defied the
odds and would never say never.
Whatever happens is in someone else's hands,
but lemme tell ya!  I think the Ram's
have seen so many great things from Andy.
They would be crazy not to keep him on that 53 man roster!
My favorite souvenier from the game..  : )..
Other activities this weekend included a Sunday
morning brunch at a local St. Louis winery,
trips past a farm selling "Taters and Maters!"
and a gas station selling mullets.

It was a long drive, a great time
and then a long drive with wine stops here
and there.  One more day and
then I can rest..  : )..

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