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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grapes and Bees and Wasps! Oh My!

 Ohh, a nice little bird nest..  : )..
 Those nice little birds, pecked holes in the grapes.
Which increases the sweetness so they are ok.
However?  Yup!  It was bee city!
Yikes!  I got stung three times,
another person had 7-8. : (..
Yeow!!  There were a lot of yellow jackets,
wasps and bumble bees there too.
 All in all, they have 11 filled tubs of Seyval Grapes.
 The best yet?  It rained for about 15 minutes
right at the end and we were soaked.
 After the bee stings, we thought we'd end up
getting struck by lightning.  Yikes!
The after pickin meal is always delish.
The owners are vegetarians,
but the food is always great.
And the wine is too.  : )..

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