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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yay!  Another great, successful Bingo night.
The Bingo group raised over $1,200 for
a 19 month old boy who is a
brittle diabetic.  He has to get insulin
injections several times a day,
and has to prick his fingers to test sugar levels
a lot.  Their insurance keeps denying
an insurance pump for them,
so this will go towards the purchase of one.
Yay Bingo group!!
Here were a few of my contributions for the raffle items..
 I've had some wallpaper squares for a while,
finally put them to good use.
 This was a gift basket with regular hot chocolate with marshmallows,
some dark hot chocolate, a Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate bar,
a vanilla candle, some Duck Dynasty Peanut Butter cups,
and a couple shot bottle of Smirnoff's
Caramel flavored vodka and two mugs.
: )..
I kinda wanted to win it myself.

And then some Fat Chef plaques to boot.
All in all, there were some great raffle items,
especially the ones with Missouri Wines,
and a lot of money was raised for a
great cause!  Woot!  Woot!
And..  As usual..
I didn't win at Bingo,
although I was a couple numbers away at times..
I won just by walking in the door
and helping to pay it forward.
: )..

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